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  1. #101
    Just did the Chernobyl mission that was the brief video shown at the recent E3 I think .. was going to save and turn it off but ended up doing the entire level. Very dramatic at the end of that one

  2. #102
    Everyone seems to LOVE this, really excited for tomorrow. One problem though, mother will be sleeping during the day as she works nightshift so I cant turn the volume up to crazy on my 5.1 and have to resort to headphones. Should I wait and experience it the way it deserves yeh? I just cant see myself sitting there and not playing it as it sits next to me!

    I hope everyones turning the stupid auto aim off again? As it usually defaults to on, makes people think they are god at the game without realising, then you tell them to turn it off and they die constantly.

  3. #103
    wanted to play online but couldn't find a single game! i got playlists: 0/0, total players online: 1

    anyone getting sound fx for falling/floor hitting cartridges? i don't in my 360 version.

  4. #104
    Online works a treat - you can tell they've done work post-beta to improve every aspect - barely any lag most of the time (playing with Americans) and there were usually 4-6 of us in the party and it always kept us on the same team.

    Only problem was if a friend joins mid-game they can end up on the other team and you need to set up the party again to get them into it but it's no biggie as it's so easy to do on 360.

    The maps are frikkin' tremendous.

  5. #105
    The online went a bit funny last-night, kept dropping games out at a draw for some reason, but the game as a whole; effin' superb.

  6. #106
    Mega experience so far. 'Working from home' today so I can crack on with it.

    Frantic with a true sense of danger, well worth the cash. Not tried online yet.

  7. #107
    Is there many of you guys playing online? I really fancy getting in on some games over the weekend, but with a more reliable bunch of chaps?!

  8. #108
    If my copy finally arrives *crosses fingers* I'll be on tonight and most of tomorrow.

  9. #109
    sat at work itching to get back to COD4 ... immense game.

  10. #110
    Half-day today, getting out soon then back into the firing line! Reeeesssullltt!! XD


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