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    argh, another one for list and I had no interest initially either.

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    Ok here is my 2c worth.

    My internet limit was capped last night so I couldnt venture into multiplayer but given the beta was so excellent I know what to expect there. What did surprise me though is 18 player support. One of my biggest requests was at least 16 players given COD2 was 8 players and the beta was locked at 12... well they delivered and at 60fps as well.

    Onto singleplayer and the only negative I will throw at it right out of the bag is its very short, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing to be honest. It was Melbourne Cup day here so I had a half day, picked COD4 up at lunchtime and headed home to play it in the afternoon... as of 9pm last night I had completed the campaign.

    I decided to do what I did with COD2, which is to play through on Regular first and get a feel for the weapons, levels and checkpoints... and then do it all again in Veteran knowing the lay of the land. Well Regular is really easy guys and if you're adept at the game and finished COD2 on Veteran I would at least ramp it up to Hard first time through.

    As for the game itself. The campaign is pure gold, from start to finish I dont think there is one level or section of the game I didnt enjoy thoroughly and there are many, many memorable moments that standout as a benchmark for the series.

    Underneath the controls, AI and general flow of the game is very much in the same vein as COD2... for me that is a very good thing. That game was excellent so why break the formula. What has changed is the delivery of the story is far better in this and gets off to a flying start with an exceptional introductory piece shortly after the first level. There are also some nice shocks and changes of direction for the story in general and I doubt anyone would argue with the pacing or the quality.

    ...and thats it basically. Its short, but its oh so sweet in every sense and its shown up the likes of GRAW and Rainbow Six to some extent. I do wish it had co-op but I dont see that as a deal breaker. At the end of the day I think this is potentially game of the year and the multiplayer looks like it will have a long shelf life.

    Top marks from me.

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    Oh and word of warning... keep your controller handy after the credits have rolled.

    I went out for a smoke and came back to a surprise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossco View Post

    Also, question regarding grenades throwing, in the demo for the PC, I remember I was having problems with throwing back enemy grenades in that it wouldnt always let you and sometimes you had to just run away from them, which is a bit of a pain. Any problems with it here?
    It's pretty much how you describe it mate, I think there's a trick to it though.

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    Just finished the game campaign on regular and I must say it is rather special. Yes the game is short but when every mission oozes quality then that shortness can almost be forgiven. I presume everyone will have their favourite mission though, mine has to be the
    one. It was tense, nervous and compelling, all in one. I loved the way the mission

    went from slow and sneaky to fast and frenetic

    , sheer brilliance. Gameplay aside this iteration of CoD even has a decent story, you feel some sort of affiliation with certain characters which couldn't really be said about previously. Graphics are very good although some missions/settings looking better than that others. I love the lighting on some of the levels and if you're a fan of 3D grass, you will be in heaven here The way it ends its pretty cool too, I don't think anyone will be disappointed. Oh and, as nonny mentioned, I recommend letting the credits roll after you have finished the game as you get a lil something extra which is pretty cool. It should be interesting how this Modern Warfare setting will evolve (if they continue with it) as Infinity Ward really do have something special in their grasp here! Big thumbs up from me
    Last edited by ezee ryder; 07-11-2007 at 12:48 PM.

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    Wow sounds brilliant! Going to hopefully be getting this for my PS3 on friday, if student loan go's through ok. Will post impressions if I do

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    As hoped, this sounds very good! Length of the campaign doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'd rather have something short but of high quality, which this sounds like it is.

    So come on Gameplay - hurry up and ship!

  8. #18
    When people say "Short" are we talking GRAW 2 style, i.e. "Criminally Short"?

  9. #19
    A guy on eBay is selling this today so gonna pick it up on lunch, should be up for online tonight..

    Anyone tell me if the online is already busy/populated?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmbob View Post
    When people say "Short" are we talking GRAW 2 style, i.e. "Criminally Short"?
    It is slightly longer than that but each mission is so great that you won't really mind the length of the campaign.


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