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  1. #21
    Can you do split screen online on the 360 ala Halo 3?

  2. #22
    I'm pretty sure there is no local multiplayer.

  3. #23
    's Avatar
    Hehe if its GRAW2 short then Im ok I had that on hard level and it took me ages.

    Thaks guys, sounds like 5-8hours on hard sheer bliss is better than 15hours of yawn fest ftw

  4. #24
    Quote Originally Posted by P-Dogg View Post
    Anyone tell me if the online is already busy/populated?


    VERY busy yeah. Some of the ranks on this already, it's ridiculous. I always think it's ridiculous how many games people have played of Halo 3, but these dudes must just have got the game and played it non-stop since they got it. I'm thinking Cartman playing world of warcraft here.

  5. #25
    Quote Originally Posted by jcee View Post
    Can you do split screen online on the 360 ala Halo 3?
    Yes, you can.

    You can also do "private matches" as well as the sublime matchmaking system. (Copyright Halo3)
    Last edited by Jebus; 07-11-2007 at 01:04 PM.

  6. #26
    Private matches is a god-send.
    Praise be to allah!

  7. #27
    God i cant wait to get this now!

  8. #28

    How about a Cod 4 clan

    Ive been playing since monday lucky me and now have the tag option for a clan how about we name after our forum NTSC, if interested guys post away, this game is utter awsomness i swear your in for a visual gameplay treat.
    Last edited by Lok; 07-11-2007 at 05:33 PM.

  9. #29
    Just finished this. DO NOT READ the spoilers, no matter how tempted you are, PLEASE.

    Oh my god.

    The ending...the ending...It damn near brought me to tears, I've never felt so "in" a game as that last one point I actually felt so ANGRY at the enemy. When you see

    the American soldier shot in the head...when you see your captain unconcious and them trying to bring him round, it just...**** me that was amazing. When I saw HIM execute one of his own men and bear down on1 me I actually said "you ****ing ****!!!" really angrily...

    That's not even mentioning the

    ghillie suit

    mission which is just about the best level of any game I've ever played.

    Just bravo IW, bravo. This game is as close to 10/10 as I could ever give.

    The cinematics, the sounds, the visuals, the emotion.

    I can't believe the experience I've just had. I actually can't get over the ending before the credits, that very last bit was just... incredible.

    EVERYONE should play this game, EVERYONE.

    It is VERY short though, a FPS vet could nail this in an evening. It took me about 6/7 hours to finish but I didn't rush it, played it 1 hour 30 mins monday, same on tuesday and about 3/4 hours today.

    I'm PRAYING they keep up the "modern warfare" angle for the next game, if they go back to the world war stuff I'll be devestated.
    Last edited by Jebus; 07-11-2007 at 05:39 PM.

  10. #30
    Anyone watched the extras dvd etc. Not seen anyone talking about what you get for your extra £5.


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