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    Sold him Headhunter on the DC. Very friendly and prompt with payment.

    Would sell to him again without hesitation.

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    Traded a few gba/DC titles with this gent.
    Friendly chap, and speedy delivery - proverbial thumbs up.

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    bwi's Avatar
    Had Hotd3 and dead to rights off him and they arrived in lightning time and understood some probs i had.



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    We sorted out a trade and I had my games very quickly.
    Highly recommended.
    Thanks mate.

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    sold me beach spikers on us gc, goods delivered fast well packed and in the condition i was told, many thanks


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    traded some dc stuff + cash for a PS2 package and he's top bloke - very friendly and courteous. Highly recommended

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    I bought a SNES game from him and it arrived exactly as described. I wouldn't hesitate to trade with him again. And in fact, I am just about to do just that.

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    Posted the US GC and bits and pieces super fast, was well packaged, and fast to respond to PM's.

    Thoroughly recommended.

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    Sold two Dreamcast games, speedy service got the cheque in just two days after trade was sorted.


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