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    The EuroVision Thread

    The most loved Car-Crash-in-slow-motion event of the year returns this year so figured now was the time to launch this thread.

    The event kicks off tonight with the first of the two fairly pointless Semi-Final's which is on BBC3 at 8pm. The second Semi-Final is also on BBC3 at the same time on Thursday 14th all leading into the true event on Saturday night.

    Personally, I'm going to skip the Semi-Final's so I can enjoy the main show in all it's tasteless glory. We can't win it but, by jove, at least this time we've entered some eye candy.

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    It's amusing to watch. We'll still do awful but it provides many lols

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    Slightly different voting this time innit? Half phonevotes, half judging panel?

    At least that gives Western Europe a slightly better chance.

    UK will still FAIL massively though. I hate how the BBC still insist on pretending that we have a shout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazytaxinext View Post
    We can't win it but, by jove, at least this time we've entered some eye candy.
    You know she used to be a man, right?

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    Wogan has stepped down and has been replaced by Graham Norton.....shudder!

    And she's not an ex-dude Dogg Thang!

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    I dunno but there's something about Andrew Lloyd Webber that screams 'dirty old man' to me.....

    But i might tune in to watch the scores like everyone else does lol......

    the fact that they have changed the scoring system, makes it even more corrupt! What are the odds all the judges have been brought already - ten years in advance?

    Not too fussed on our song though, its actually quit an annoying repetetive song...... The girl can sing, very well too, but the song is terrible........ imho.


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    Have we seriously entered into Eurovision a woman that looks like a blow up sex doll?

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    Yes we have and that'll do for me... then again, have been single for a while...

    I know it would shorten the length of the show but maybe regions in Europe should be grouped together and cannot give points to countries in their own region to try and reduce the 'neighbour' voting. With regions such as the Eastern Block all having to vote for countries outside of their own region it might aid.

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    I hate the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Terry Wogan isn't funny, despite what people insist.

    I remember I had to watch it in 2001 when Denmark hosted it. After an eternity of pop pap, all the judges started working out the scores and to keep the crowd busy, they brought out Aqua, who did a medley of their greatest hits.

    I thought "Now we're rockin'! THIS is how you do it, Eurochumps!", then realised how awful the preceding acts must have been to make Aqua look like rock stars.

    If the missus wants to watch this, she's on her own...


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    Will Marty G be around this year? Wouldn't be the same without him.


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