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    I'm guessing we're doomed to nil points again this year (can't see anyone risking upsetting the host country). Our girl's got the looks but the song is really dreary. We need something like this -

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    Well Eurovision 2009 is upon us and it has started - and I'm here to comentate on the proceedings - it's a poor start with Lithuania

    Song: 5
    Routine: 1
    Totty: 0
    Norton: 2

    Let's hope Israel can make a better effort

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    Glad to see you came Marty , wouldn't be the same without you [/end of gush]

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    Euch the Israel entry: 'There must be another way', sang by both a jew and a muslim. Sick bucket please.

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    Israel There are certainly canons on the female singers on this one, and the bongos are beat - proceedings do seem to be a little pedestrian this year though - it's not a good start so far

    Song: 7
    Routine: 4
    Totty: 5
    Norton: 4

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    God that's a sexy voice from the French entry

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    no where near enough hot chicks about for my liking so far.

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    Well France seem to be going a little Noir - nice costume, it has a certain smokey cafe to the feeling of this one - I'm liking the very minimulistic set - good dress

    Song: 7
    Routine: 1
    Totty: 6
    Norton: 2

    Norton just isn't being that funny - he's no Wogan :/

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    hot blonde from the swedish entry? Who would've guessed.

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    the sweedish woman scares me slightly.


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