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    Sweden sounds a bit like the British Airways ads from the 80's

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    Now, this has totty factor spilt all over it - not a willy in sight, good stuff. Clearly the singer has killed an Ostrich for her dress though - and it's almost KKK on the hats.

    Song: 6
    Routine: 3
    Totty: 8
    Norton: 5

    Better Norton on this one

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    Almost has a high totty factor, shamed only by the guy who clearly will be aiming to get into bed with the women behind him after the show. Good look with that. We've not really seen any extrovert routines yet, let's hope that changes

    Song: 5
    Routine: 3
    Totty: 7
    Norton: 5

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    oh god, it's "Pachelbel's Canon in D"'s chord progression...

    God damn that video

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    I'm thinking that you probably wouldn't want to go out on the tiles wearing THAT dress - another bongo drummer - is that the theme this year? The singer definitely needs less pies too. Bonus points for the accordian.

    Song: 5
    Routine: 3
    Totty: 4
    Norton: 7

    Norton's getting better - keep it up

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    iceland, thats more like it.
    i'll even over look the extreme close up of the hairy lip.
    quite nice song too.

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    A little bit country and western but very easy on the eye

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    Going for the string section, Iceland are going all blue and slow. The main singer is showing that having a fat mate makes you look a lot thinner. Dolphins for the win. Powerful song, but I don't think that this can be a winner.

    Song: 7
    Routine: 3
    Totty: 7
    Norton: 3

    Norton with facts

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    I'm thinking that Greece is a fan of the Hasselhoff, and he's definitely had his teeth whitened. At last we have a Eurovision level routine, and decent totty if overpowered by the wrong gender

    Song: 7
    Routine: 7
    Totty: 6
    Norton: 6

    Norton on the keep fit funny


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