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    Sent me a freebie PCE title but packed as if I had paid a high price for it, this guy is on another level.

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    Can't fault Colin one bit! Very good communication (detailed regarding games condition) checking everything is okay, followed by very quick postage and a PM to check everything went smoothly!

    Highly recommended!

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    the man is a star, hooked me up with a superb PCE Briefcase setup and Fatal Fury 2 Special, excellent and very helpful comms and packed the sucka up good and proper!...

    Colin you're a gent!..

    Oh and forgot threw in some freebies as well!

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    Bought my Resi 4 LTD cube console, instant payer with great comms thanks mate!

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    Colin bought my Super Famicom bundle, paid instantly and is a great guy to exchange PMs with. He let me know the stuff arrived with him safely to which as a seller is always good to hear.

    Recommend you trade with this guy if you get the chance.


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    Bought more PC-Engine goodies of Colin, not only is he a top guy and knows his stuff, he's one of the best traders on here!

    He packages stuff with military precision and doesn't mess out with slow delivery methods!..

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    Bought Darius Plus from Colin - it arrived quickly, very well packaged and in exactly the condition he described; and he couldn't have been more helpful during the trade. Excellent stuff.

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    Bought Kato&Ken, Batman, Burning Angels, and Salamander for PCE from Ikobo_1.

    Again perfect seller, fast dispatch, good & friendly comms throughout, well packaged and items as described. Even sent me a PM to check everything arrived ok.

    Highly reccommended.

    Thanks again!

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    Always a pleasure to deal with Colin,buying or selling.

    Top Guy

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    Another trade with Colin which saw him buy some PCE kit from me.

    Paid instantly, and as always great comms.

    Trade with the guy if you get the chance, either as a buyer or a seller, you'll have no problems here.



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