View Full Version : Senior/Junior: music video = spriteliscious

19-12-2003, 09:30 AM
Absolutely pointless, but I thought the retro forum needed a kick in the pants.

Has anyone seen the new-ish senior/junior music video? The shake your body one?

The whole thing is amazingly and painstakingly done, with a graphical quality a little below a C64, Id actually put it into the realm of the Collecovision, clearly being superior to that pixel giant the VCS.

But the animation is superb, its like cell shading, except its pixel shading, filled with tiny humurous bits you only notice on a second watching.

The animation contained within is truly magnificient. Notice the smooth movements of avatars, and the physics of the loose T-Shirt at one point, amazing.

I like it, alot actually. I was watching, and thought damn, are they featuring a game with the latest graphics gimmick?

Anyway, the song is actually quite good... <whistles tune>

Anyway, it got me thinking.

What if, like cell shading, there was a new avante guarde movement, where complex and bautifully realised games were created, but utilised this sublime form of faux-pixelation combined with liquid smooth animations?

We've seen the high-res beauty of Guilty gear, but if games makers finally grew some <cough> bravery and tried something new?

A stylised nod towards retro, and gamings history?
Instead of hig-res or cell shading, its super low res, but if done correctly, can appear like some kind of nouvou artfrom.

Maybe Im nuts, and such a graphics fad would not work in todays gaming climate.

but dammit, that music video was cool, and I can totally imagine moving an avatar around such a world, 3D in physics, but 2D in appearance.