View Full Version : Feedback Forum Guidelines

John Beaulieu
08-03-2003, 10:41 PM
1. One topic per forum user for feedback purposes. The topic title is to be simply the member's name.

2. If there is no topic for that member then feel free to create the feedback thread in the manner described above. Please check first if there is a feedback topic for that member. Duplicate topics will be merged to avoid clutter.

3. As with ebay, try to resolve disputes via PMs first.

4. This is not a discussion forum: disputes and flames will be deleted.

5. One post per transaction and one response from the seller is permitted to avoid long flame wars.

The object of this forum is to enable good traders to get recognised, be nice and remember to sort problems out via PMs rather than here.

Please only use this forum for transactions made on this site - feedback from elsewhere will be removed and trade access blocked.