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  1. 20 years later...

    So it was 20 years ago this Christmas that I received my first console - my original Game Boy with Tetris and Super Mario Land. I think it was fitting that the game I played the most on Christmas Day was Tetris Axis, despite how easy the games have become since.

    My favourite games in all that time have to be:
    Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA)
    Perfect Dark (N64)
    Gotcha Force (GC)
    Animal Crossing (GC)
    Super Robot Taisen W (DS)
    Hacolife (DSiWare)
  2. Let the Hunt begin...again! <Monster Hunter 3G>

    MH3G is sitting happily snug in my J-3DS and after a couple of hours on it I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised how well it's been brought over to the handheld.

    Essentially it's Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) with monsters/equipment brought in from Monster Hunter 3rd (PSP/PS3) and one or two new ones to [literally] shake things up a little.

    All the weapons are back that were lacking in Tri, however Capcom decided to go back to just one piece light/heavy bowguns compared ...

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  3. Project Rainfall Part 3 - Pandora's Tower

    Well, after the slightly disappointing (for me at least) Xenoblade, and the thoroughly epic The Last Story, I tried to go into Pandora's Tower with an open mind. Luckily it's pretty damn sweet so no problems there

    Making Seres eat the flesh of a little off-putting at first, but you become desensitized over time

    Game of the Week for sure.
  4. Minecraft Pocket Edition

    I wish I could play the game with one hand and wave goodbye to life with the other. I just spent an hour chiseling a three-storey house into the side of a mountain, then proceeded to tunnel to the EDGE OF THE WORLD. Then blocked it off with red blocks and stuck a torch in the wall.

    I want to hollow out a cavern...

    Playing on my Nexus S running Android 2.3.6 FYI.
  5. A-ressha! It practically plays itself...

    Was poking around on A-ressha 5 I got off the J-PSN a few months back and decided to dig out my DS version.

    Now I haven't played this in ages (too long for sure) and all I was having to do was make sure I cut costs by having the train stop overnight and reducing/increasing the length of the train to accommodate the maximum number of passengers I could.

    Then just leave it to run.

    And run.

    And you get the idea. So I started the 2nd map and will see ...
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