• Robinson's Requiem released for the Atari Jaguar CD

    Thanks to the tireless work of one Carl Forhan, the owner of Songbird Productions, the Atari Jaguar has enjoyed a new lease of life over the last twelve years. Through securing the rights to unfinished games and putting that final polish necessary before release, Songbird have provided not only some very enjoyable gaming experiences but also released some of the most technically impressive titles the platform has been home to, such as the Blade-Runner esque 3D shooter Skyhammer and the ridiculously good looking demo for hovertank game Phase Zero. If you own a Jag and have yet to play any of their titles, they're well worth checking out, as even amongst this console's dedicated community Songbird have shown commitment above and beyond what most retro console owners would expect.

    Robinson's Requiem screenshot.
    Robinson's Requiem screenshot.
    Robinson's Requiem screenshot.
    After seven years of work Songbird have just released Robinson's Requiem for the system's CD add on. The player takes on the role of a member of an exploration team, seeking out new planets for colonisation who becomes stranded on a hostile world. Tasked with survival the player is able to freely explore a large game map from a first person perspective and must face a number of environmental threats in addition to standard enemies. If you're on the lookout for some old school style PC adventuring Robinson's Requiem looks to provide that fix without the hassle of DosBox compatibility.

    Up until 03/06/2011 Songbird Productions have the title available for the reduced price of $49.95 and you can acquire your copy direct from them here.
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