• Espgaluda 2 Xbox 360 Platinum re-release region free!

    Over the last couple of years Cave have dabbled in releasing some of their Xbox 360 shooters without any form of region locking and whilst great for importers lacking a Japanese machine it does have the unfortunate side effect of keeping the prices jacked high for the rest of us. Fortunately, yet another of these titles has now joined the Platinum Collection club over in Japan, and we can confirm that, much like it's sibling Mushihimesama Futari which both featured region locked special editions, the Platinum Collection re-release is region free and will work on any UK box.

    Espgaluda 2 Platinum Collection Black Label.

    If you want to pick up some cracking shooter action for the ridiculously cheap price of 22 why not head on over to Play-Asia here and place your order. And while you're there you might as well pick up Mushimesama for the same price, they're both well worth it and at these prices Play-Asia are regularly having to re-stock.
    Espgaluda 2 screenshot.
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    1. Charlie's Avatar
      Charlie -
      Nice read. I'm something of an ignorant virgin when it comes to Cave shooters but, after delighting in their masterpiece DeathSmiles, am thirsty for another of their shooters. Which is the better game, Espgaluda 2 or Mushimesama, or is there a finer (region free) Cave shooter available? Espgaluda looks like a vertical shooter which, I assume, means having to put up with a tiny game screen on a widescreen TV?
    1. Soundwave's Avatar
      Soundwave -
      They are all vert's but you do have some zoom options so you can make the play screen a little bigger which helps IMO

      As for region free I'm all about Mushi Futari.
      It is utterly sublime, plays great looks gorgeous & has loads to it.

      Plus the biggest bonus is the wife loves it as well so she doesnt mind if I spend time playing it as she's always up for a go as well.

      That said though Espa 2 is fantastic as well & I don't think you'd be upset with either purchase.

      You can also get the Muchi Muchi Port/Pink Sweets double pack which is good but both are rock solid & IMO while both being awesome aren't in the same league of fun as Mushi or Espa 2

      If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then you could download the Espa 2 demo for a quick blast & try to see if you like it before paring with the cash for the full version & X360 one's

    1. langley's Avatar
      langley -
      I love these types of games but have never been able to justify the cost of getting an import 360 just for 2d shooters, but have been enjoying the recent uk release of Death Smiles. It is good to see the region free re-releases, so may look at some purchases, I don't suppose someone could put up a list of available shooters in both original & re-release form that are region free, so I know what is safe to buy.

    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      Mushihimesama Futari (regular and limited editions)
      Espgaluda 2 (regular and platinum edition only)
      Muchi Muchi Pork - Pink Sweets bundle
      Guwange on XBLA worldwide
      Bullet Soul
      Not sure if that's complete though.
    1. Charlie's Avatar
      Charlie -
      Cheers both of you for the info and links. Decisions, decisions...
    1. Soundwave's Avatar
      Soundwave -
      Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
      Cheers both of you for the info and links. Decisions, decisions...
      Lol well if you only buy one then Mushi Futari gets my vote then pick up Espa 2.

      I unfortunately haven't got Bullet Soul or Eschatos yet so can't comment on them but out of the list those 2 would be my first choices & in that order.

      MMP / Pink Sweets is a very marmite collection you either love them or hate them.
      I enjoy the odd game of MMP but PS hardly ever gets played & I definitely don't play MMP anywhere near as much as I do any of the other titles I have so I'd pick that up last personally.

    1. Duncan James Waugh's Avatar
      Duncan James Waugh -
      The Platinum Edition of Mushi is also region free should you choose to go with that one. I don't think either measure up to DeathSmiles's calibre myself but they both seem pretty good so far.
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