• Easy Xbox 360 Cooling Mod

    Do you have an old Xbox 360 with which you live in fear of RROD at any moment? If so, give it a fighting chance with this easy Xbox 360 Cooling Mod. Lots of requests come into our forum for this sort of mod, so I thought it would be useful to place the relevant links into an article. Many thanks to llamma and rbjtech - my US Xbox 360 died and MS UK repaired it for me under warranty (so thanks to MS!) Then I did the mod below and it has run perfectly ever since (so I've only ever had the one console which is unusual!). After doing this mod, we still recommend you leave your console on the dashboard for a few minutes after a gaming session to allow the chips to cool properly before turning it off.

    Open it
    Cool it

    Note that you can carefully use a slim jeweller's screwdriver in place of the case tool described in the first link. Thanks to Nick for the links. If the latter link disappears at any point, let me know - I have a backup which I'll host.

    Also note that opening the case invalidates your warranty, so consider this if you have any warranty outstanding (MS or 3rd party).