• Captain Rainbow Translation Walkthough Guide FAQ

    Captain Rainbow Walkthrough Guide provided with permission from Jason Muir (Importaku). Welcome to another guide for another game made by the wonderful people at Skip, if you haven't ever played any of their previous games may i suggest you try out either Giftpia or Chibi Robo on the Gamecube, each one has a unique style but they all have things in common with each other and that's what make Skip games special. Anyway with this guide you will be able to get right to the end & get the good ending, there are more side quests in the game but i have only included what's needed to fully complete the game but i may add those extra quests at a later date, they don't affect the story much so they really aren't needed. Anyway onto the game....
    NOTE: In this guide it has English & some Japanese, i have included the Japanese so even if you can't read it you can match it to what's on screen so you know what's what. I'm assuming you at least know what yes & no is in Japanese. In this game yes is usually the top option & no is usually the bottom option.


    Nunchuck stick / Moves character about A Button (Combined with the pointer there are 3 icons, ! is to talk or interact with something the star is to hit something with your yoyo & the thumbs up sign is to signal) + Button / Brings up menu - Button / Brings up island map (once you have obtained it) B Button / When held in charges up for the dash move but when tapped just lets you slam into stuff Up on Dpad / Does long transformation into captain rainbow once you have your belt (press again to change back) Down on Dpad / Does quick transformation into captain rainbow once you have your belt (press again to change back) Your belt is what gives you certain attacking abillities you can only do them when you find the plates to upgrade your belt, theres 3 in total. All of them are activated by shaking the nunchuck & remote until you get the glowing rainbow aura, then depending on the plate in your belt you will either have to aim & press A or it will automatically do the move for you. Only with the double yoyo plate will need you to press A.

    How the game works

    The idea of the game is to help out all the characters that are on mimin island, each one is a washed up nintendo character from an older time they all have dreams that they want fulfilling. Your role is to help these people realise their dreams & help them escape the island, this is a two step process firstly you have to become friends with them enough that you end up having a strong friendship bond with them, once your good friends you then have to find enough star shards around the island to create a star. Once you have created a star talk to the character & pass the star to them & then head to the star shrine & go send them home. If you accidentally make a star & your not ready to use it then you can throw it away if you find one of the star discard panels, 2 are hidden in caves which you open with your bracelet, the other is in the star shrine.

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    There are reasons why you will want to get rid of a star as certain events wont happen if it's starfall night. I'll explain in more detail how all this works later on. Here are the characters that you will meet & the games they are from:

    Day & night, plus eating

    The game like with other previous Skip games, this game uses a day & night system, in the top left there is a weird looking icon which is your clock. When it's day it will be a sun, when it's night it will be a moon. The meter has 6 blocks on it, when it's counted down 3 blocks during the daytime that's roughly midday. As time goes on you will notice that the inhabitants of the island will go about their daily duties & will move about the island so sometimes you will have to wait till a certain time to get them in the required place, luckily on the map you will be able to see where they are after you have met them for the first time. Under the clock on the screen is an energy bar this is for when you transform into captain rainbow, you can only stay transformed for as long as you have energy, if the energy bar runs totally down then you die. You can replenish this bar by eating the many fruits that are scattered around the game or by finding a mimin drink you can temporarily get a infinite energy bar for a certain amount of time, you don't lose any energy when your Nick.

    Fishing & animal collecting

    After getting friendship bonds with 2 people a chest will wash up on the same beach you did, inside there's a fishing rod. Around the island there's places you can sit down on to fish. In your menu there's a section that records every new kind of animal/insect/fish that you capture there's no reward for getting everything but it's a fun extra. To capture an animal for your book you need to hit it with your double yoyo, it will then fly into your hands. Some animals are very well hidden, & certain fish wont be able to be caught unless you have lucky fishing power for the day. To get the lucky fishing power you need to goto Hikari's house & inside there's 3 boxes, each day you can choose one box to open if you get pick the correct box you will get lucky fishing power for that day which will allow you to catch fish you usually wouldn't be able to get.

    Rainbow trailer

    After sending 3 people home another chest will appear on the beach, in the chest is a trailer. This can be placed on the road outside Hikari's house & can be used as a portable base. If you turn into rainbow you can push it up the road so you can have it where you want but it can only go on the road. Inside the trailer theres a toilet to save in & the bed can be used to pass on the time. Theres also a jukebox to listen to music & a vending machine that refills your energy. As you send people home they will send you records that you can put in the jukebox so you can listen to their music, these chests wash up on the hidden beach where you use the yellow pipe to get to it. They also send you a letter that goes on your notice board to read that tells you what they have been doing since they left the island.
    Note: The trailer will vanish during starfall night so you can't use it then.


    Benches are dotted around the game, these serve no purpose but you can sit on them & look at mimin island in first person mode, it really is a beautifull game i love sitting & watching the day pass it's rather relaxing hehe, you can do the same on the logs on the hidden beach.

    Arrival on mimin island

    After been washed up on the island, an old mimin grants you your wish of becoming a hero once more & gives you the mimin bracelet, with this item you can open the mysterious doors that are scattered around mimin island but only when its the correct time of day, you can tell when the door opens as it has a drawing of either the rising sun, full sun or the moon, when a door is active the markings on the door will glow. Anyway for now just follow the group of mimin that have scarpered off with your belt. They will eventually lead you to Hikari, talk to her & select yes when given the oppertunity, now follow her back into her house & talk to her again. She will tell you about mimin island & the bracelet your wearing. Goto the right & chat to her again she will show you a mysterious door that only a hero can open, she will also read the incantation to activate your bracelet. Now your able to open the mysterious doors, now leave the house as your about to go she will stop you & give you 2 items the first is a map of mimin island (access with - button) the other is the Miko denwa which will let you call Hikari & hear your fortune.

    Note: In Hikari's house you can sleep in one of the beds this passes time forward 6 hours so if you need to speed the day/night ahead just come here & sleep. Outside her house to the right is the toilet, this is where you go to save your game.
    Head northeast to the area that has the pink pipe, where the waterfall is theres a door. Wait until the time of day is right & when the door sign is glowing click on it to open it, inside there is a path thats blocked by a rock, hold in the B button to charge your dash & let go to slam into the rock. Your belt will fall from the roof, in this cave theres holes in the far wall if you find the corresponding missing tablet & insert it in the hole you will get to find out the story of mimin island.
    Now you have your belt the game will tell you how to use it, press down on the cross pad to transform & then aim at the rock & when the attack mark appears hit A to fire your yoyo. While as captain rainbow your power bar depletes if it totally runs out you die. You can replenish your power by eating the mushrooms & various fruits around the island. Either pick them or use dash or your yoyo to get them. When you leave the cave you will meet Mappo he will ask if he can take a picture just select yes & then once free to walk go back to Hikari's house. Transform in to captain rainbow & click on the hero door, it will open for you & Hikari will come running she is startled at the apperance of you in rainbow form so select yes & then turn back into Nick. Once she has stopped talking transform back into rainbow & go use the famicom disk system LOL (love the authentic sounds) the disk system will upgrade your yoyo belt panel & give you the ability to use the double yoyo. Goto the menu & select the new panel to equip double yoyo. As you leave Hikari will give you some rice balls & the game will tell you about the power bar & how to eat to replenish it.
    Now its time to get some friendship bonds from the characters around the island, some of the bonds are linked so to get one characters friendship bond you sometimes have to complete anothers first. The first two are Mappo & Birdo you won't get their bonds till you have completed both of their requests.


    To the left of Hikari's house you will see Mappo & he isn't moving his battery has run down & you will need to change it. Hit Mappo with your dash (B button) to expose his battery & take it. Then go left & you will see Birdo held captive in a cage attached to Mappo's police box, to the left of Tao's kennel there is something with black goo covering it, transform into rainbow & with the double yoyo panel active hit it to remove the goo, its a wind powered battery charger for Mappo. Take the green charged battery & while your there use the red empty one & put that one in to charge too. Note: To do the double yoyo move, shake the remote & nunchuk until you power meter is fully charged you will have a glowing rainbow aura when its ready to use.
    Go back to Mappo & put the battery in him, he will come back online he will thank you & you'll be introduced to his police dog Tao


    Go over to the cage & talk to Birdo she will tell you how she has been falsely imprisoned, select yes to agree to help her, then go talk to Mappo he will tell you about why she was arrested & you get to see a flashback of her using the womens toilets, Mappo is convinced she is actually a man LOL. You need to find something to show Mappo that proves her innocence. She will tell you to goto her house & look for something to prove she's a woman. Remember the pink pipe near the waterfall door where you got your belt, go back to this area & use the double yoyo attack on the pink pipe to remove the goo & then use it to get to Birdo's house. Inside go upstairs & listen out for the buzzing noise coming from under the pillow on the bed, LOL it's Birdo's vibrating lady toy, click on the pillow to get it, all you can see is a black circle as it's been censored LOL, go back to Mappo & give him this item & he will free Birdo.You will now have bonds with both characters, when you goto the status screen you will see double red circles over their pictures this shows that you have a strong bond with them.
    Time to go explore the island, follow the path north & you will reach a blockade where Mappo has stopped anyone going further due to the weird black goo monsters roaming around up there, examine the sign & Mappo & Hikari will appear he'll remove the fence allowing you to pass to the north part of the island, as you go north you will bump into the creature that has been covering things in goo.


    Ossan's house is to the northeast of the island & has a big golfball on a tee outside. Talk to Ossan & listen to his problem, someone has taken his golf club, go inside his house & get the unwashed trousers off of the sofa in the living room. Now goto Tao & talk to him & select yes, the game will explain about his tracking ability if you let him smell an item he will find other items with that persons scent on them. Use the unwashed trousers on Tao & he will track down the missing golf club. He will lead you to Devil's ship, give Tao the bone that Ossan gave you & he will go home.
    Make your way to Devil's ship & go inside he will introduce himself, go over & chat to him & select yes, he will agree to give you the golf club if you can show him that you can be bad. He wants you to attack Lip's piranha plant, goto Lips house (It's the one that looks like a mushroom that's to the east of Devil's ship) transform into rainbow & batter the piranha plant with your yoyo, Devil will watch this from a distance & be impressed with your badness. Go back to the ship & get the golf club off him.
    Go back to Ossan & give him the golf club & the unwashed trousers he will now let you play the golf minigame. You will have to wait till midday before you can play the minigame he will be outside on his porch when you can play, if you get over 1800 points in the minigame you will win & he will give you his friendship bond.


    Goto Lip's house & talk to her, she should be outside if it's daytime & she will be wearing a mask on her face as she is allergic to pollen, she will let rip with a huge sneeze & her mask will blow off, as it floats away it will be stolen by a seagull. You have to track this seagull down & get her mask back, goto where Mappo's police box is & theres a beach to the south, on the right hand side of the beach is a jetty & the seagull is sat on one of the posts here, hit it with your yoyo to get the mask back. Now return the mask to Lip. Wait outside her house last thing at night so your there as morning arrives, you need to be there exactly as it turns morning or the next event wont happen, you will see Lip's house is shaking & theres a commotion going on inside. Go in & you will discover one of Lip's ribbons has gone missing, the furniture has stolen it lol. She will run outside, go over to the chest of drawers & talk to it then select yes. After its finished talking go & talk to it again & select yes to play the game of who has nicked the ribbon. Im not sure if the answer changes everytime but i selected . The bottom option in the list takes you to the next set of choices. Try on the second page. After you have answered correctly you will be given the ribbon, go outside & reurn it to Lip & she will dress up her piranna plant.

    Note: The list of answers doesn't change so if it isn't the one i have listed just keep retrying & work your way though them all. (For now this is all you can do with Lip as the next events wont happen till you have helped Takamaru & Tracey)
    IMPORTANT: Although you can't do any more of Lip's requests yet, you need to get an item that takes time to find, hidden around the island are mimin, as you move your pointer around over items & scenery it will sometimes squeek & it will turn into a mimin head, when this happens press A & you will collect the hidden mimin, each day the items mimin are hidden in will rotate. You will need 50 to get the rainbow belt plate, between Tracey & Takamaru's theres a slope with a boulder on the right hand side, use the double yoyo attack to unblock the cave. Inside there is a huge mimin that when you talk to will give you the rainbow belt plate if you have collected 50 mimin, however before you talk to him save your game because if you don't have enough mimin you will be given a mimin drink instead & you'll have to start collecting all over again as he resets the total after talking to him, however you'll know how many more you need to find. So if you find you don't have enough just reset & reload your save find more then try again.


    Tracey lives in the white mansion in the centre of the island if you go around midday she will be sat on her chair in the main hall, go talk to her & take the quiz she gives you. Now if you can't read japanese your going to struggle on getting the correct answers & if you get one wrong you have to wait till the next day to try again, i found these answers on a japanese captain rainbow wiki (Thank you japanese person who made this list) even if you can't guess the questions just look at the answers & you can usually guess what it will be from the selection of answers you are given.
    For now theres nothing more we can do with Tracey so it's time to visit Takamaru


    Takamaru lives on the west side of the island, as you get to his house you will see a cutscene of him doing some sword training on a leaf, after the scene has finished go over & chat to him. Now wait till the next day. Around midday he will be sat on the rock overlooking the sea opposite his house, go & talk to him & select yes and you will learn how to meditate, this bit is pretty tricky as you have to use both hands to hold down a lot of buttons. Each button you need to press will appear in a bubble above Nick's head. You need to press & keep it held down. More & more buttons will need to be held down until your pretty much pressing every button on the remote & nunchuck, do not let go of any of them or you will break the meditation & will have to wait until the next day to try again. Once you have pressed every button down Nick will be surrounded by an aura & he will be lying on his back, once your at this bit you have to hold the remote up & sharply flick it down (lol dont worry you can let go of the buttons now) with each flick you will see a different part of the island, once your done you will wake up again. Now wait until the next day Takamaru should be on the beach that's south of Mappo's police hut, he will be sat in front of woman rock (this is the rock that has a huge pair of boobs & is on the left side of the beach), as you get close a cutscene will play. After watching go over & talk to him. Now wait until the next day & he should be back at his house & be sword practising with the dummy in front of his house. Go over to the two mimin that have Takemaru's real sword & use the B button to dash so you slam into the house. They will both be startled & the mimin will let the sword slip accidentally chopping the others ear off. Takamaru will come over & investigate so go & talk to him.
    Now you need to goto Traceys & wait till she is out of the bathroom & sat on her chair in the main hall, go talk to her & she will give you a letter to give to Takamaru she want's him to come ask in person for the medicine, while you are here go into the bathroom & goto the chest of drawers on the right & steal one of her bras you'll need this for later. Now go back to Takamaru & give him the letter Tracey gave to you.
    After reading it he will go back onto the rock in front of his house & want to be alone. So skip ahead & come back the following morning, he will still be sat on the rock so go over & talk to him. You will have the option of meditating to see inside his mind, select yes. Watch the conversation between him & Tracey as he apologises to her then after its over he will go to the dummy in front of his house & start practicing hugging it, give Takamaru the bra you stole from Tracey's bedroom & he will place it on the dummy LOL now he has motivation to try & get over his shyness. Now while hes in front of the dummy press the B button to slam into him & he will ask you to help him out select yes & get to it, you have to preform the same minigame as the meditation one. As the buttons come up on the screen press them & keep them held in. Once you have them all held in & you have completed it select yes, Takamaru will go over & sit on the rock.
    Go over to Takamaru & talk to him & select yes to take part in the final meditation, it's time to put his training into practice, Tracey will show a button & you have to press it like before however at one point you will have to flick the remote down while still holding in all the buttons, it's pretty hard but keep a good grip. If you complete it he will be ready to tackle the real thing. He will leave & head over to Tracey's mansion so go there & you will see Takamaru has gotten as far as the stairs but he is still weak & can't make it up there himself, you will have to help him. You need to slam into him with the B button when he falls but if you hit him at the wrong time you will have to start again, listen carefully for a drum sound when he falls this is when you have to help him, ignore when he stumbles & goes "Taah"
    (If you fail just go over & select yes to have another go, the game will then ask you if you want to listen how to help him, select no to restart & have another try)
    Once completed Takamaru will go ahead & apologise & ask for the medicine but Tracey wants him to kiss her shoe, he does so & she tells him to stop at the last second as she has seen he was man enough to swallow his pride. She will open the basement where the mimin medicine is, she will tell Takamaru that she respects him for coming to see her & his picture will appear abover her chair, you now have Tracey's friendship bond.
    Go to the painting that opened up & you will be in a hall with 3 doors, the real door is the one that has a reflection in the floor, go through it to the next hall & find the real door again, in the 3rd hall there's a rug in front of the doors stopping you see the reflection just pick a door if its wrong you will end up back in the same room so just keep trying till you get into the store room, in the room there is a shelf full of coloured bottles you need to take the medicine thats the same colour as the mimins ears (Yellow medicine) Give the medicine to Takamaru & he will use it to heal the injured mimin,
    Now wait till night has fallen & go back to the beach where woman rock is, Takamaru should be there & you will see a cutscene where he destroys woman rock, when he has finished talking you will get his friendship bond. Now you have both Tracey's & Takamaru's friendship bonds we can go back to finish Lip's requests

    Lip (Part 2)

    Go visit Lip & talk to her she wants to use her magic to change the look of her house select yes each time your given the option, her hayfever will interfere with the spell & her house will turn into a monster, talk to Lip again & she will mention that Tracey has some hayfever medicine select yes & agree to help her & she will run off to Tracey's. Go to Traceys & talk to Lip then go over to the painting & click on it to get the basement door open. You have to get to the store room again but this time Lip is with you, the same rules apply as before about which door to choose however you have to select the door from a list they are (1 left door, 2 middle door, 3 right door) after she gets to the 3rd set of doors she will ask to try a spell after messing up on the previous 2 doors lol, select yes & she will reveal the correct door. Go in & goto the chest covered in vines & try to open it, Lip will use her magic to remove the vines. Open the chest to get the hayfever medicine then go back to Lip's house & give the medicine to her. Now skip ahead to the next morning & goto Lip's house she should be outside. You should have obtained the 3rd belt panel by now, equip the rainbow belt panel & stand in front of Lip & shake the remote & nunckuck to build up your gauge you should cast a rainbow which will trigger a cutscene where Lip climbs onto it & uses the height to cast a spell on the whole island, after she is done she will finally give you her friendship bond.


    This one is very easy & quick, you will need the second belt panel. If you haven't found it yet, its in a cave to the left of Takamaru's house. It's in a chest behind one of the mimin bracelet doors, just wait until the correct time of day then open it. The 2nd belt panel is the Quake panel, just shake your remote & nunchuk & you'll slam the ground causing a mini quake. Goto where woman rock used to be & theres a small grey thing sticking up from the sand, stand in front & use the quake attack, a huge bone will surface & Tao will appear & clear it up for you when he's done you will get his friendship bond.

    Little Mac

    Little mac lives on the east side of the island where the boxing ring is but to get to him you will need to break the boulder with your double yoyo. Little mac will be over near a tree looking up at a huge mango, use your double yoyo to get it down for him, after he has eaten & finished introducing himself he will go into the boxing ring & lie down, if you talk to him again he will tell you he is too hungry. Right you need some food, go back & sleep at Hikari's house until the next morning, luckily when you sleep at Hikari's house she will leave you some riceballs next to your bed in the morning. Go back to Little mac, he will be at the weights bench & he won't talk to you so stand right next to him & slam into his belly a few times with the B button, he should flash & say something, try talking to him & he should stop this time & after he has finished talking he will ask if you want to help him train, select yes & he'll go back to weight lifting, now slam him again a second time & chat to him again. After he has gone back to the weights for the second time give him the riceballs select yes to give him them, he should accept them this time & after he has done so he will ask if you will goto the ring to train select yes. Now you have to play the boxing minigame to help him burn off calories but you have to get him to burn a certain amount only (18000-19900), too little or too much & you'll fail. When you select the course you need to select the 3rd option which is hard mode as completing this will get you the right amount. Now to play you have to shake the nunchuk & remote when the boxing gloves appear in the red circles, before it's your turn the white dots show you what sequence is coming next. Once you have completed the minigame you have the option to try again to burn off more calories (top option) or the second option is to weigh him. If you passed & got between 18000-19900 then select the second option & go ahead and weigh him. If you totally failed select the third option (exit) & come back the next day & repeat the steps above to try again.
    When you weigh Little mac he will get on the scales & you'll see if you have been sucessfull at training him, he should hopefully be not too fat or skinny, he will give you his friendship bond after that. You can also try the boxing minigame whenever you like now.

    Famicom soldiers

    At midday go down to the beach southwest of Mappo's police hut, there is a volleyball net on the beach & the famicom soldiers will be there by midday, go over & chat to them & when asked select yes. After they have introduced themselves you will be back on the beach, talk to them again & you can play the volleyball minigame theres 4 options (Toss,Recieve,Attack,Exit) you have to win all 3 minigames to get their friendship bond. You can only try the minigame twice in a day so if you fail more than twice come back the next day. If you clear a minigame then you have to wait till the next day to do the other 2. Toss: In this minigame you have to toss the ball back 10 times, the key to seeing where the ball will land is to look for a small grey circle as this is the shadow of the ball & position yourself over it & get ready to press A to toss it back.
    Recieve: In this minigame you have to spike the ball back to the other side, this one is easier as you only have to get 4, you jump by moving the nunchuk up in the air & then to spike you shake the remote, it requires a bit of timing but not too bad.
    Attack: Dead easy this one press A when you see a ball, press B when you see a mimin you need 5000 points to clear.


    When it turns to night goto the ladder thats to the left of the famicom soldiers hammocks & climb it, you will be on a viewing platform & there should be a famicom soldier looking through some binoculars (if he isn't there yet just wait), talk to him & select yes then look through the binoculars & scan the area. So far you can't see anything unusual so leave & then come back the next evening & repeat the same thing. Note: For the event to happen you can't fast forward to evening by sleeping at Hikari's house, you have to let it get dark normally. It can't be on a starfall night either so if you have a star you will have to discard it.
    On the second night when you talk to the famicom soldier he will tell you to quickly look through the binoculars as he's seen something. When you look through you will see a meteor & when you look to the left you will see Gitchomans ship. Select yes after looking through the binoculars & you'll see the ship crash into the beach & a part of the ship go flying across the island. Go down to the beach & talk to Gitchoman when he asks keep selecting yes & eventually he will tell you to find his ships core it's the red thing that went flying off over the island.
    Goto Mappo's notice board that's behind the police box & to the right theres a path if you follow it north you will see a cave with a bolder blocking it, use the double yoyo to break the rock & then use the yellow pipe to get to the hidden beach. You will see the ships core floating in the sea, go over & look at it, as you look Devil will fly down & run off with it. Hmm time to get it back i think, for now theres nothing more you can do for Gitchoman so we need to help Devil next.


    Goto Devil's ship & speak with him select yes, he says that he wants some pie. Go back to Hikari's house & speak to her, select yes when she asks, she will give you her recipe book. When she has finished talking, use the book on her & select yes she will ask you what you want her to make, select Pie then goto bed, when you wake up in the morning talk to Hikari & she will give you the pie. Take the pie back to Devil & give it to him, he will ask you to go get Hikari so he can share the pie with her, go back to Hikari's house & talk to her & select yes. You will then watch him "share" the pie lol afterwards Devil will give his friendship bond to you. Go back to his ship & get the ships core for Gitchoman it's on the alter in Devil's room.

    Gitchoman (Part 2)

    Give the core to Gitchoman who is still on the beach & select yes, his ship will come back online & it will pull him out of the sand & you will get his friendship bond. Note: If you intend to do any extra side quests or want to replay the mimgames i recommend you save in a new slot now, as once you start sending people away the island will change & you won't be able to do some stuff.

    The evacuation of mimin island

    Now you have everybodys bonds but Hikari's, you have to start collecting the star fragments that are scattered around the island. When you get 20 it will summon a huge star that will land at Hikari's house (each time after it will land somewhere random on the island) go to it & pick it up, now if you talk to anybody who you have formed a friendship bond with you can choose to send them away from the island. Go talk to the character you wish to send away & select yes, then press Z to pass the star to them, head to the north of the island to the mimin star shrine (Note you can pass the star back and forth by pressing Z). While your making yor way to the shrine you will be attacked by the black goo monsters they will charge at you & try to steal the star, if they get it. Run after them & press the B button to hit them & start a star battle. In this minigame when the mimin hits the gong you have to press A if you do it right you get the star back, if you fail run after them & try again, if the goo monsters manages to run off & use the star then they will eventually drain it of power. Ok once at the shrine you will see that there is a glowing floor panel, stand on it & press A, hundreds of mimin will appear & form a bridge, go up the bridge & you will eventually come to a giant mimin head which will open, when you reach here you will be asked who you want to send back select the characters name from the list that's with you (Note: don't select either or as thats you & if you choose yourself you will get the bad ending) select yes & that character will use the star & be sent from the island.

    To get Gitchoman so you can actually give him a star, you need to fish him out of the pond at Hikari's house where his ship crashed but you need to do it before you get the star, if you haven't gotten the fishing rod yet it's in a chest on the beach where you first washed up on, it appears after you have obtained bonds with at least 2 people but you should have it by now. Just go fishing at the stump at Hikari's pond & keep going till you have pulled him out. Once freed he will be playing near the wind turbine near the beach.
    Ok once you have sent away 9 out of the 12 characters the collapse of mimin island event starts.

    The last hours of mimin island

    As you send away characters you realise the terrible price it costs. More & more mimin vanish & the island fnally starts to collapse the remaining 2 characters will run to the star shrine & stay there now, you now have to go find Hikari she is in her house, go & talk to her. She will be there with the last yellow mimin on the island, she explains about the terrible power of the stars & what they do to the island when they are used, this is the reason the island is changing & why theres no more mimin, select yes when she asks you she will point to the right & tell you theres a bunch of hidden star fragments as you will notice they are in short supply by now. When she has gone use your yoyo on the rocks to the right & collect all the star fragments. You will be just missing one star fragmennt. Go outside & Hikari will be there go talk to her & select yes, she will end up at the star shrine with you. As you are standing there the final yellow mimin sacrifice it's life to give you the final needed star fragment, aww poor thing (Star fragments are actually mimin that have died this why the island is dieing as it can't survive without the mimin, each time you send someone home you were slowly killing the island) as you take the final fragment you will notice that 3 stars fall however Hikari tells you that one person will not be able to leave. Go find the stars & send the 2 remaning people away so now only yourself & Hikari are left.
    Note: The goo monsters have become fully awake now & they are capable of biting you so be careful
    Once you have the final star you now have to choose, do you save yourself or do you send Hikari away & get the good ending?, as you approach the top of the shrine you will see the goo monsters consume the entire island. You will notice that the shrine has been blocked just use your double yoyo to clear a way through.
    She will try to send you home when asked, select no she will still refuse to go so press the A button when asked & you'll put her on the final star, once she is gone the goo monsters will invade the shrine but your bracelet does something amazing, i'll leave you to enjoy the final ending.

    Note: when the game asks you to save, choose a slot you don't need as all this save will be useful for is watching the ending credits which you can watch when you select continue on that save slot you won't be able to continue your game from this save anymore.


    Thanks goto the many people that created the Japanese Captain Rainbow wiki, without their site I wouldnt have been able to solve some of the puzzles, I borrowed the Tracey question list from their site & as such they have full rights over it. The Japanese wiki can be found here.

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