• R.I.P. NTSC-uk. Long live Bordersdown!

    In case you hadn't noticed the new url, NTSC-uk has now rebranded as Bordersdown.

    Our basic mission remains similar:
    We passionately review any game, whatever the region, whatever the format.
    We are home to a welcoming and knowledgeable community on our forums.

    The NTSC-uk name was iconic and lasted for 10 years, but apart from the Wii
    (and retro gaming), it doesn't hold much current relevance for the HD generation. Therefore we held a competition to find a name.

    Bordersdown hints at the past - we never liked the black borders at the top
    and bottom of PAL screens.
    It hints at the present and future - we like to seek out games from all
    regions and platforms.
    There's a new logo, which was a collaboration by many of the site's readers (thanks guys!) and a new site style too.

    We have switched to a new host http://www.nimbushosting.co.uk/ - They have
    been immensely helpful and their server is swift and reliable.

    We have installed a new search engine that allows much more useful queries
    and returns results quickly.

    We have:
    - an ebay gaming pimp folder - your items appear on homepage!
    - a bargains folder so you can pick up games for less.
    - First Play: get opinions by gamers like you on the latest releases to help
    you decide
    - No restrictions on email domains now, so if you previously signed up when
    gmail etc were banned, please feel free to update to your preffered email
    - Regular competitions in the Blueroom (see here for the latest winner
    announcement video featuring me in a Fez...)
    - Blogs. Now anyone can have a blog on the site. Go ahead and blog about
    your favourite topics.

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    1. Cepp's Avatar
      Cepp -
      Sad to see the name go really but yeah, compared to the early to mid 2000's the import talk on here is really minimal.

      RIP NTSC-UK.
    1. Decider-VT's Avatar
      Decider-VT -
      Probably because it's not really an issue anymore, unless you have a fetishistic impulse for pretty Japanese packaging or just bought a 3DS.
    1. Dogg Thang's Avatar
      Dogg Thang -
      Long live the new flesh!I mean Bordersdown.
    1. Strider's Avatar
      Strider -
      Said to see the name change, but it makes a lot of sense. This is a totally different forum now. I hope all the GBA and other old reviews stay though.
    1. Sketcz's Avatar
      Sketcz -
      Have you guys re-instated all those old articles which went down? I checked the front page by clicking Dreamcast, and I'm sure you had more content than that. I'm pretty sure I did a Bomber Hehe review for the site. Hmm, the old features and reviews are difficult to navigate towards.

      And you had LOADS more than 6 PS2 reviews. You had something like 50 at one point. Maybe even 100 or more. I'm just making those numbers up, but I hope you haven't junked all the old content, some of that stuff was ace.
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      Fear not, I have it all backed up - it all has to be added manually gradually because it wasn't in a database before. I'll get your Bomber Hehe one done next
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