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    Bordersdown opened on 1st May 2001 (as NTSC-uk).
    It was rebranded as Bordersdown on 12 October 2011.

    We passionately review any game, whatever the region, whatever the format.
    We are home to a welcoming and knowledgeable community on our forums.

    The "Bordersdown" name reflects our NTSC-UK history of educating gamers about the evils of unoptimised PAL ports that run too slowly with huge black borders. It reflects upon our present in that we will play any game whatever the region or format. It reflects our future in the changing face of the game industry where we acknowledge that great games can exist on any format so to be a complete gamer, open-mindedness is key.

    • The site was created by fans of videogames for fans of videogames. Everyone who inputs into the site is excited about the gaming scene and chooses to write about them through affection, not for personal glory.
    • The site is completely independent. All views and opinions are those of the writer.
    • We are historically an import site. Importing provides a wider choice and, pre-HD, better quality to gamers. We are keen to spread the word about importing and non-importers are welcome. We are happy to provide advice on any aspect of importing, no matter how small the query.
    • Our reviews are totally unbiased and we will differ from popular opinion when our opinions differ. Our reviewers come from a broad base and their names are printed on all reviews, so readers can get to know their differing tastes. We accept that not everyone will agree with our reviews and we have provided feedback links. Readers are encouraged to leave feedback, whatever their views.
    • Our reviews have a 1-10 grading system, with 10 being the best. Unlike many other sites, our middle ground or average mark is 5, which we believe to be a fair and accurate score for an 'average' game.
    • We will try to cover important hardware releases and events where deemed appropriate.
    • We embrace the modding scene and emulation, but do not advocate piracy of current systems in any way. We will give advice on all aspects of importing and modding, except where such advice is only in the interests of piracy.
    • We are heavily into the retro and collection scene and encourage members to take pride in their collections.
    • We encourage a free flowing, open community. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Moderation of the site is a necessity, but we try and maintain an even hand at all times. The friendly, mature atmosphere of the site is always of utmost importance.

    Edge Website of the Month
    In Issue 101 of Edge magazine, we were awarded the accolade of Website of the Month, with the article stating:

    "Import gaming may be an acquired taste but it's essential for the purity of the latest Japanese releases. The site is a group of dedicated gamers offering advice on how to acquire both past and present NTSC classics. With a clean presentation and a passionate writing style, the site also indulges in reviews, previews and features. Let them make turgid letter-boxed games a thing of the past in your home."

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