• Syndicate Co-op Demo Review - Microsoft Xbox360

    Based on the game-world of the old PC classic real time strategy / action / arcade (!) game, Syndicate is looking to make its mark this time around instead in the crowded FPS world. Based on the demo, it has succeeded.

    It's a one level demo with various checkpoints, culminating with a boss. 4 players, either random or in a private match, choose a loadout from defence, offense or support. These provide a basic weapon choice from the start, although other weapons can be picked up along the way. Normal and Hard modes are available.
    A surveilance report can be checked that shows the route through the compound.

    Entering the level, teamwork is essential from the start and looks to be the theme. Running off on your own is a bad idea. If you aren't shooting you are healing commrades. If one of you loses all health, rebooting them takes a long time which is dangerous if they are in the open, but they can do a "Gars of war", stumbling towards cover, now in 3rd person viewpoint, hammering A.
    LB on the xbox is "breach" for context sensistive actions, like heal or deactivate armour on boss or rip out chips from guards, or dearm grenades (turns them into ammo to collect!)
    RB is highlight any enemies seen so far even if beyond view.

    There is a point system for spending on upgrades, such as advanced health, dexterity or shield.
    Gameplay is much more tactical than the arcadey visuals stuggest, with lots of cover to cover and works best if two people get shooting while two get healing, with a swap of roles at reload time.

    Graphically, it's well over the top and suitably futuristic, with a mad heads-up-display that flickers ammo and health readings around the screen. Enemies in the distance are easy to determine and target (there's the option to turn off aim-assist too which is great).

    After the intial "What on earth have they done to the memory of Syndicate by turning it into an FPS" fury had worn off, I can say based off this co-op demo that I'm itching to see what the full game has to offer.

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