• Bordersdown Charity Drive 2012

    It's time to do a bit Giving. All you need to do is donate to a charity which you might have otherwise spent on a game. Or an evening out drinking. Or other addictions.
    So go ahead and dig deep everyone.

    There are 3 charities to choose from.
    1. WPF Therapy - NOW CLOSED - PLEASE USE OTHER 2 OPTIONS. Affordable counselling or psychotherapy for people who cannot find suitable NHS provision (proposed by me)
    2. British Stammering Association - Speech therapy and support for kids and adults that stammer (proposed by a forum member)
    3. MacMillan - Cancer care and support (proposed by a forum member)

    Anyone donating to any of the 3 charities via the links below can get a mention in the charity shout thread: you must include a message via the donation tool, including your forum name in the message.

    When you donate
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    1. Matt's Avatar
      Matt -
      I'm looking forward to Twisted Metal. However, I won't buy it Day One for ?45. I'll be patient. Once it hits the ?20 mark, I'll pick it up and donate the ?25 I saved

      If everyone held off on one title and donated the difference, the World would be a a better place
    1. EvilBoris's Avatar
      EvilBoris -
      ?50 for Macmillan. Done
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      So far this year between BordersDown readers and my friends/relatives, we have raised a little over ?1300 for WPF Therapy.

      BordersDown readers have raised ?25 for Stammering.

      BordersDown readers have raised ?170 for Macmillan.

      Well done everyone!

      I have changed the incentives, so now anyone donating ?25 to any of the listed charities will be given the orange donator usergroup.
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