• LodeRunner DS Menu Translation Guide

    Here is a translation of the menu screens in: Loderunner DS for the Nintendo DS

    Main Menu

    Start Game Menu Detail

    End Game / Showdown
    This takes you to the puzzle mode
    This takes you the tuition section

    New Game Prompt 1

    If you have previously saved your progress, pressing New Game will bring up this screen, which is the same as choosing Continue/Resume on the Start Game Menu

    New Game Prompt 2

    If you decide not to load the suspended data, it will start a new game and delete previous progress, so be careful here

    Game Type Choice

    If you decide to start a new game, choose from Lode Runner or Championship Lode Runner (essentially 2 different games)

    Level Select

    Choose what level to start at, from those completed and saved already

    Options Menu

    Choose how you'd like to play the game. 3 speeds with normal shown above. The other two speeds have "L1" after the character. The game design can be altered in terms of graphics, from Original, Arranged (selected above) and Pop. See the map edit mode below for all three in Japanese. Trick mode appears to enable bugs that were present in the original versions. If anyone knows more, please tell us!

    Connections / Wireless

    Send a trial game to a friend over wireless, or send them a map you've created

    In-Game Pause Menu

    Stage Clear Menu

    When you complete a stage in the main game, you can choose to either continue or save your progress. Always choose to save!

    Save Progress Menu

    If you choose to save your progress, you can choose from 3 save slots. Beware!!! Use one slot for Lode Runner and the other slot for Championship Lode Runner. You can't have both on the same slot

    Dojo / Tuition

    These tutorials are really useful and demonstrate a run through of a puzzle or technique before asking you to repeat it

    Map Editor

    The map editor is pretty self explanatory. The above pics show the three design options for the graphics.

    Please post in comments if you use this translation, so we know that it has been useful.