• Guru Logic Champ Translation - Nintendo GBA

    Guru Logic Champ, Translated from the Japanese by Sorrel Tilley. Original Japanese title is guru roji champu, where guru is onomatopoeia for rotation, roji is short for ‘logic’, and champu is the name of the beaked blobs that populate the game.

    Back cover of the box

    Shoot, Suck, Turn, Complete the picture!

    Suddenly, a great disaster occurs!
    “It’s terrible! Throughout the city, things are refusing to turn!”
    The Champ Brothers “Champ 1 and 2” have risen to solve this problem, but what will be their fate…

    The game

    After pressing Start and choosing the story mode you will see the file screen:

    Choose the file to play!

    FILE 1
    Not yet played

    FILE 2
    Not yet played

    Delete File

    If you have already created a file, selecting it will take you to the main game, otherwise you will see the name creation screen:

    Create a name!
    _ _ _ _ _ Confirm with Start Button

    a i u e o ma mi mu me mo
    ka ki ku ke ko ya yu yo
    sa shi su se so ra ri ru re ro
    ta chi tsu te to wa wo n
    na ni nu ne no small characters; tsu ya yu yo
    ha hi fu he ho small characters; a i u e o


    Characters will first appear in hiragana, then in katakana if R is pressed, or the Roman alphabet if L is pressed. If you wish to spell your name using Japanese characters, katakana is traditional for foreign words. Press Start and you will see a confirmation message:

    Is this alright?
    No way!

    Answering in the affirmative will return you to the file screen. If you leave the name field blank and press Start, your name will be set as ‘Champ’.The black screen with a Champ in the bottom right corner that pops up is a saving screen (the message simply says saving…).

    Selecting Delete File and then choosing a file will present you with the following screen:

    Is it alright to delete File?
    No way!

    A new game begins with the following cinematic:

    This is the city where the Champs live
    Every day was peaceful and just like always, life was uneventful…
    But then, one day…
    Something appeared that would threaten the peace of this city

    “Something must be done!
    It makes me sick just to see something that turns!
    That’s why I’ve stuck to it and made all manner of inventions!
    I changed TV channel controls and phone dials to push buttons!
    When it came to planes, I switched from propellors to jets!
    However, this city is surely still packed with turning things.
    We are going to make a big crash! Now get out of here!”

    “It’s terrible! All through the city various things have stopped turning!”

    “Calm down, lad, leave it to them!”

    Controlling the sensational jar with overflowing friendship power…
    The Champ Brothers!

    You will then see the rescue select screen. The building in the bottom left corner is labeled ‘Hakase’s Labo’, which means ‘Professor’s Lab’ and this functions as the options menu:

    “You rang?”
    Explanation of the Rules
    “I will conduct an explanation of the rules”
    “You can view the cinematics you have seen up to now”
    “If you meet the requirements, you can choose this”

    After completing all 335 puzzles the ???? option will change to

    Champ’s Bodyguard
    “You can play the Champ’s Bodyguard!”

    Choosing ‘Explanation of the Rules” will take you to the next screen:

    Explanation of the Operation
    “I will teach the method of operation”

    Choose this option and you will be given the following explanation:

    “Well then, let’s explain the game, shall we?
    With the D-pad you can move left and right
    The L and R buttons rotate
    The A button launches a block!
    The B button sucks them back up
    You can’t fire to places when there is nothing there, nor to a space right in front of you
    The number of blocks is predetermined by the stage
    It’s a shame, but if you have no blocks, you can’t fire
    Send the blocks to the correct place…
    …and create a picture the same as the one on the left
    Oops! I forgot to mention…
    If you place a block in the correct location, it will turn blue
    If you place a block in the wrong location, it will turn red
    The block’s colour can change
    You remember it well, right?
    That’s all for the game explanation
    From here, let’s remember through practice”

    Holes and Rubber Walls
    “I will teach you about holes and rubber walls”

    Choose this option and you will be given the following explanation:

    “This time I will explain about
    “holes” and “rubber walls”
    Please listen carefully
    First, look here
    Some holes have appeared here
    Therefore you can’t place blocks on top of them
    But blocks can pass over the top of the holes
    Next is this wall
    This wall is made of rubber
    Therefore blocks will bounce right back
    How was that?
    Did you catch it all?
    Well, if you try it, I’m sure you’ll understand
    Anyway, take it easy!”

    Pushable Walls
    “I will teach you about pushable walls”

    Choose this option and you will be given the following explanation:

    “Well then, let’s explain the final “pushable wall”, shall we?
    Take a look at this
    This is a pushable wall
    If you throw a block at it, you can push it
    If you throw a block when the pushable walls are lined up
    The last wall in the row will move
    If you throw a block when the pushable wall cannot move anymore
    The block will come bouncing back
    If you move a pushable wall into a corner
    There will be nowhere else to push it
    So be careful
    That’s all for the pushable wall explanation
    Well then, I wish you good luck

    Choosing the ‘Gallery’ option will take you to the following screen (cinematics appear in this menu after you first see them in the main game):

    Rescue 01 Beginning
    Rescue 01 Ending
    Rescue 02 Beginning
    Rescue 02 Ending
    and so on until
    Rescue 12 Ending

    Choosing the ‘Champ’s Bodyguard’ option will begin the mini-game which has the following explanatory screens between each round:

    Stage 1
    Ninjas are trying to kill pretty little me.
    Push “Up, down, left, right, and A” to cut down the ninjas that appear!

    Stage 2
    You can’t see their forms, but ninjas are hidden inside the castle,
    I’ll use my ESP, cut where I point!

    Stage 3
    There are still ninjas hiding,
    Chop them all down!

    Stage 4
    What the!?
    The smell of sweat is stinging my eyes!
    Now there are armoured ninjas, you can’t knock them down with just one hit!
    Stage 5
    This boss ninja is tough! He keeps moving around!
    You’ll have to cut him down with perfect timing!

    Playing the Main Game

    The In-game Pause Menu

    Returns you to the game

    Selecting this will bring up a second menu;

    If you choose to interrupt the game, it will save the puzzle in its current state and you will be able to turn off the system and return to it next time you play.

    This option will undo your last move

    This option will reset the current puzzle and time counter

    Stage Select
    This option will return you to the stage select screen

    Rescue 1

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! The tap has no handle and won’t turn!
    How am I going to quench my thirst now? Champs!

    1 Spinning Top
    2 Seedling
    3 Wineglass
    4 Mandarin Orange
    5 Baseball
    6 Caterpillar
    7 Pudding
    8 Shuriken (throwing star)
    9 Crow
    10 Tap/Faucet Handle

    Rescue 2

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! The toilet doorknob won’t turn!
    I’m in a real bind now! Champs!

    1 Kitchen Knife
    2 White Flower
    3 CD
    4 Person wearing glasses
    5 Snail
    6 Onsen (hot spring) Sign
    7 Golf Green
    8 Luxury Bag
    9 Teatime
    10 Mama’s in a rush
    11 Cheesecake
    12 Laughing person
    13 Pinwheel
    14 Clown
    15 Toilet Key

    Rescue 3

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! The extractor fan won’t turn!
    Mama’s covered in smoke! Champs!

    1 Bone
    2 Eek! The cheese is over here!
    3 Holstein Cow
    4 Tiger
    5 Rabbit
    6 Sea Horse
    7 Snake
    8 Horse Race
    9 Ram
    10 Grooming Monkey
    11 Chicken
    12 Frisbee – nice catch!
    13 Wild Boar
    14 Office Chair
    15 Red nosed man
    16 Alarm Clock
    17 Spot-billed Duck
    18 Plaster/Band-Aid
    19 Vase on top of a table
    20 Power Lead

    Rescue 4

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! The jamjar’s lid won’t turn!
    Skipping breakfast is bad for your health! Champs!

    1 Blood Test
    2 Love Letter
    3 Headlights
    4 Park Streetlamp
    5 Hot Tea
    6 Hawk targeting its prey
    7 Western
    8 Drawing Pin/Thumbtack
    9 Floppy Disk
    10 Chequered Flag
    11 Handcuffs
    12 Strongman
    13 Exclamation Mark
    14 Wall Clock
    15 Iron Dumbbell

    Rescue 5

    Opening cinematic

    “Rust! Rust!
    I’m sticking rust to the steering wheels! RUST!”

    It’s terrible! Rust is sticking to the steering wheels and they won’t turn!
    The cars can’t turn at the crossing like this! Champs!

    1 Road Sign
    2 Tissue Paper
    3 Norwegian Flag
    4 Daimonji Bonfire (hillside bonfires to mark the end of the Bon festival)
    5 Hero’s Sword
    6 Red Lipstick
    7 New Year’s Day Sunrise
    8 Olympics
    9 Headphones
    10 Beginner Drivers’ Sign (Japanese L-plate)
    11 Maple Leaf Sign (orange car sticker denoting that the driver is over the age of 75)
    12 Korean Peninsula
    13 Belt Buckle
    14 Cactus
    15 Silk Hat
    16 Paperclip
    17 Lemon
    18 Hot Water Dispenser
    19 Panda eating bamboo grass
    20 File

    Rescue 6

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! My hamster man can no longer spin in his wheel!
    Do something! Champs!

    1 Doughnut
    2 Tank
    3 Dragonfly
    4 Wind Chime
    5 Haniwa (ancient Japanese terra-cotta figures)
    6 Summer Tangerine
    7 Skull
    8 Strike!
    9 Koala
    10 Ladle
    11 Valentine’s Day
    12 Home Plate
    13 Hot Air Balloon
    14 I get the feeling this is a big tree
    15 Wasp
    16 Western clothes button
    17 Make tomorrow a sunny day (from a Japanese nursery rhyme and game in which children make a tissue paper ghost and hang it from a window and ask it to bring good weather)
    18 Shirt
    19 Elephant enjoying his walk
    20 Gourd
    21 Kokeshi Doll (traditional folkcraft product)
    22 Post Box
    23 Arabian Camel
    24 Red haired boy
    25 Ice Cream
    26 Scissors
    27 Shrimp Tempura (battered shrimp)
    28 Stainless Steel Flask
    29 Brandy Glass
    30 Spanner

    Rescue 7

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! Not a single plate of sushi is rolling over to us!
    We’re wasting away! Champs!

    1 Aluminium Can
    2 Collar with a bell
    3 Lighthouse
    4 Children crossing a bridge
    5 Screw
    6 Dropping
    7 Hawfinch
    8 Crocodile
    9 Businessman who overslept
    10 Dried Persimmon
    11 Nappy/Diaper
    12 Pencil
    13 Surfing
    14 Comb
    15 Bomb

    Rescue 8

    Opening cinematic

    “Preparations are complete!”

    “Great! It’s time to stop the water wheel!
    This time, failure will not be forgiven!”

    It’s terrible! The city’s lights have been cut off!
    Turn the water wheel and bring back the electricity! Champs!

    1 Penguin
    2 Toy Hammer
    3 Bowling Pin
    4 Grapes
    5 Ice Lolly
    6 Dolphin
    7 Fusuma (sliding paper door)
    8 Firefly Light
    9 One Yen Coin
    10 Chestnut
    11 Girl wearing blue clothes
    12 Pre-stamped Postcard (issued by Japanese post office)
    13 Fish Bone
    14 Soccer Ball
    15 Diving Board
    16 Persimmon
    17 Hourglass
    18 Widescreen TV
    19 Saturn
    20 Chest of drawers made of paulownia wood
    21 Die
    22 Watermelon Bust
    23 Graded Scale
    24 Guitar
    25 Tabasco

    Rescue 9

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! The space slug has appeared!
    My favourite ferris wheel won’t turn! Champs!

    1 Pig
    2 Yin and Yang
    3 Traffic Signal
    4 Laptop
    5 Single Bed
    6 Nigirizushi (sushi made with toppings laid on hand-formed clumps of rice)
    7 Basketball
    8 Hundred Yen Coin
    9 Mobile Phone Strap
    10 Sofa
    11 Sunfish
    12 Apple
    13 Coffee Cup
    14 Leather Shoes
    15 Red Flower
    16 Vacuum Cleaner
    17 Frying Pan
    18 Cannon
    19 Dustpan
    20 Answer Phone
    21 Stove
    22 Canoe
    23 Playing on a Super Famicom (Japanese SNES)
    24 Toothpaste
    25 Tulip
    26 Noumiso konekone Compile (Compile’s company slogan, meaning roughly ‘Compile; Moulding Minds’)
    27 Skydiving
    28 Slot Machine
    29 Dangling person
    30 Salt

    Rescue 10

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! My robot has frozen!
    My pride and joy – my drill – will not turn! Champs!

    1 Green Apple
    2 Morning Glory
    3 Sparkler
    4 Earth
    5 Key
    6 Classic Rotary Telephone
    7 Calculator
    8 Standout person in the company
    9 Pizza
    10 Hair Dryer
    11 Baby Bottle
    12 Family Computer (Famicom, the Japanese NES)
    13 Rhinoceros Beetle
    14 Paper Airplane
    15 Dictionary
    16 Ballboy
    17 Electric Power Plant Sign
    18 Coat Hanger
    19 Green Chili Pepper
    20 Sewing Machine
    21 Horseshoe Crab
    22 Duck
    23 Spare Key
    24 Teru Teru Bouzu (‘Shiny, shiny Buddhist priest’ from the Japanese nursery rhyme ‘Make Tomorrow a Sunny Day’)
    25 Darts
    26 2 Hearts
    27 Toast
    28 Empty Can
    29 Young Girl
    30 Cumulonimbus Cloud
    31 Soy Sauce
    32 Milk
    33 Bag
    34 Black Pig
    35 Little Brother
    36 Noughts and Crosses
    37 Camera
    38 Tennis Ball
    39 Strawberry
    40 Match

    Closing cinematic

    Full marks for thrills, Robot Dentist!

    Rescue 11

    Opening cinematic

    It’s terrible! The clock isn’t moving!
    There’ll be no 3 o’clock snack like this! Champs!

    1 Corkscrew
    2 Save me!
    3 Billiard
    4 Disposable Chopsticks
    5 Oden (vegetables, fish dumplings, tofu etc. stewed in soy soup)
    6 Domestic Duck
    7 Lunchbox made lovingly by one’s wife
    8 Fork
    9 Goldfish
    10 Stoat
    11 Bean
    12 Shiitake Mushroom
    13 Red dragonfly at sunset
    14 Hungry Elephant
    15 Telescope
    16 Eel
    17 Daruma Otoshi (traditional Japanese game involving a doll in five pieces and a hammer)
    18 Banana
    19 Moon
    20 Gyouza (Chinese dumpling)
    21 Tin Can Phone
    22 Stealth
    23 Ear Pick
    24 New Famicom (AV Famicom/Nes 2)
    25 Strawberry Shortcake
    26 Mackerel
    27 Shinkansen (the bullet train)
    28 Captured Alien
    29 Gateball
    30 Do
    31 Ink Bottle
    32 Butterfly
    33 Judo
    34 Tower of the Sun (artwork located at the Expo Memorial Park, Osaka)
    35 Electric Fan
    36 Bicycle
    37 Palette
    38 Tree Frog
    39 Helicopter
    40 Milk Carton
    41 Japan
    42 Long-nosed person
    43 Videotape
    44 Mouse
    45 Battery

    Rescue 12

    Opening cinematic

    “What the!
    I never noticed!
    Something so huge has been spinning round and round the whole time!
    I don’t feel good…
    I… I have to stop it revolving immediately!”

    (Emergency news flash)
    “It… It’s awful!”

    Relay: Location of the mysterious stake
    “It seems that someone has connected the earth to the moon!!”

    “The earth has thus become unable to turn

    Can we just sit back and watch this happen?”

    It’s terrible! The earth has become unable to turn!
    Save the earth with love and bravery! Champs!

    1 Fried egg
    2 Ring
    3 Bus
    4 Field Horsetail
    5 Striped Umderwear
    6 Crested Ibis
    7 Gameboy Advance
    8 Golfer
    9 Axe
    10 Walrus
    11 Jumper
    12 Africa
    13 Carp Streamer (carp-shaped wind sock flown to celebrate Children’s Day in Japan)
    14 Ace of Spades
    15 Japanese Macaque
    16 Hero’s Shield
    17 Tadpole
    18 Moai
    19 Lovey-dovey
    20 Nintendo Gamecube
    21 Mermaid
    22 Dwarf Banana
    23 Ceremony of entering the sumo ring
    24 Gentleman with a fitting moustache
    25 Seductive woman
    26 Swallow-tailed Butterfly
    27 Lightbulb
    28 Oil Drum
    29 Pyramid
    30 Shoot!
    31 Golden Pavilion Temple
    32 Table Tennis
    33 Laughing Madame
    34 Tree
    35 Kettle
    36 Peace
    37 Digital Camera
    38 Gameboy
    39 Paper Fan
    40 Clenched Fist
    41 Briefs
    42 Big Brother
    43 Kind-hearted man
    44 Plug Socket
    45 Palm
    46 Aki-no-Miyajima (Shrine Island, Hiroshima)
    47 Hamburger
    48 Boxing
    49 Mobile Phone
    50 Nail Puller

    Closing cinematic

    Relay: Location of the mysterious stake
    “Take a look at this chain!
    The earth has thus become unable to turn
    Can we just sit back and watch this happen?
    Hang on! Someone is aproaching the chain!
    Wait, that’s… could it be?
    It’s the Champ Brothers!
    The Champ Brothers have come to save us all again!”

    Doing something like that is absolutely useless!
    That stake is connected straight to the bones of the earth!
    It’s become totally irremovable! Gahahaha!
    Without revolving, like this, the earth is reborn into a nice place to live!”

    “W-What’s going on?” / what does he mean by that
    Like this, the earth will surely stop turning
    But this energy will drag the moon into the earth!
    If the moon crashes into the earth, the world will…
    The world will be destroyed!”

    Then… We’ll die too!?
    I- I’m Sorry…
    There is one way to save the earth…
    Launch me from that jar!
    My horns are even harder than the moon, they can do it
    It’s the only way!
    Destroy the moon!
    It’s my fault it turned out like this…
    It’s for the good of this lovely planet, I beg you!

    If I’d only dieted more!”

    “Use my mouth!”

    If you do that, you’ll…”

    “It’s ok, let me do it!”

    “Brother? Brother!?

    This is how the earth will be saved…”

    Guru Logic Champ Staff

    Producer, Design, Plan

    Director, Design, Plan

    Programmer, Plan

    Sound Effects
    Rinkou (Motion Brain Studio)
    Nagata Daisuke (Motion Brain Studio)

    Kashihira Kayo

    Sawa Naoyuki

    Editorial Design

    Special Thanks
    Shimakata Junko (Aoni Production)
    Hatayama Fumihito (Motion Brain Studio)
    Kobayashi Satoshi (Motion Brain Studio)
    All Compile Staff

    Production Company
    Motion Brain Studio

    Executive Producer
    Moo Niitani

    Compile 2001

    The End

    Rescue EX

    1 Champ (little brother)
    2 Cool Jar
    3 Champ (big brother)
    4 Jogging man
    5 Pom
    6 Helen
    7 Unimposing man
    8 Rusty man (before)
    9 Rusty man (after)
    10 Hamster man
    11 Ucchari man (senior apprentice) (ucchari is a sumo wrestling move involving leaning back at the edge of the ring and swinging one’s opponent around and out)
    12 Dam man
    13 Space Slug
    14 Everybody Loves Cocco Man
    15 Robot Dentist
    16 Top Breeder
    17 Battle Man (red)
    18 Underling
    19 Boss
    20 Professor
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