• Code of Princess 3DS gets EU eShop release March 28th 2013

    Code of Princess is a side scrolling beat 'm up in the vein of Guardian Heroes. It's being released on the EU eShop on March 28th 2013. It was originally released with much anticipation in April 2012 by Agatsuma Entertainment in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. Read our full review of Code of Princess here

    From 1 to 4 players will be able to battle it out in a Vs, or 2 players will be able to play the Story mode co-op style.

    Here's the Prologue:

    A long-long time ago,
    there were humans and goblins.
    At some point, humans became more prosperous than goblins.

    However, recent years,
    All of a sudden, goblins started to attack human villages,
    and people started to fear for their lives.

    Yes, the worry became real.
    Goblins attacked the castle.

    The kingdom was in the crisis. The king said to the princess,
    `Take the sacred sword! You can do it! Take the sword and run`

    When the princess touched the sword at the high altar, by king’s word,
    The room of the altar got bright light, but…
    The castle fell…

    The humans vs. goblins war was over.
    There was a burglar searching for treasures.
    Allie, the burglar, found the princess protected by the sacred sword under the debris.
    She said,
    `Let’s run away before the goblins find you!`

    The story of the adventure of the Princess Knight Sorange starts here!

    Kinu Nishimura did the Character design. She used to work for Capcom on various Street Fighters and also on 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

    As you can see the Princess has a huge sword, some cool looking gauntlets and the weather is good enough for clothes to be mainly optional.

    The music is by ACE, comprising of Tomori Kudo and CHiCO who did the music for Xenoblade on the Wii.

    The gameplay is 2D side scrolling, but with 3 depths of playing-field (called "rails"), so you can move from the front to the middle and back of the screen.

    You can Lock-On to goblins which will double the power of the attack.

    New attack skills can be acquired, combined together and called upon during battle.

    There's a Burst system based on collecting Mana to restore an MP gauge which when called upon will deal out 3X damage or even 6X when combined with an attack skill.

    Here's the button layout:

    Levelling up will open up new pathways/quests in the Story mode. Finishing the quests will unlock up to 4 new characters, in addition to the 4 available from the outset. It is expected that the unlockable characters will have different play-styles. In addition, there will be character customisations unlocked, perhaps different weapons.

    Co-Op and Vs appear to be Wi-Fi only, although there's an online Ranking system. 30 extra enemy characters will be availble in Vs play!

    Here are some monsters:

    And here are some princess animation frames and screenshots:

    Here's the Official JPN Code of Princess Site.
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    1. Nico87's Avatar
      Nico87 -
      Already pre-ordered for the soundtrack and art book bonus
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      It has been announced that this will be licensed to "somebody" in the US and Agatsuma are looking for a partner in EU.
    1. briareos_kerensky's Avatar
      briareos_kerensky -
      Really? That's excellent news. Not gonna cancel my preorder for the JPN LE though :P
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