• Win Code of Princess Goodies

    Hi everyone. To celebrate the release of the rather decent Code of Princess (read our review), I have 5 sets of Code of Princess goodies to give away.

    The lucky winners will get a pair of promotional A4 folder sleeves emblazoned with some beautiful artwork, plus a game information flier.

    To be in with a chance of winning, please post a comment below this article. The competition is open world-wide. Only one post each please! For an extra chance, retweet my tweet (up to first 100 reteweets).

    Competition closes 10th May 2012.
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    1. briareos_kerensky's Avatar
      briareos_kerensky -
      Sweet, sweet loot
      I'm playing the game right now and it's Guardian Heroes with more women, but enjoyable nonetheless.
    1. Adrock's Avatar
      Adrock -
      Guardian heroes, eh. Sounds like an interesting game.
    1. nem's Avatar
      nem -
      Nice hardwood floor

      Game looks good, too
    1. steve morris's Avatar
      steve morris -
      Knock knock

      Who's there?


      Woo Who?

      Woo-Hoo - I've just won some Code of Princess goodies!

      I'll get me coat

    1. Johnny's Avatar
      Johnny -
      A great game and great looking goodies!
    1. MisterBubbles's Avatar
      MisterBubbles -
      The art works looks amazing, and i'd love to play the game too, hopefully i'll be lucky and win something for a change.
    1. fuse's Avatar
      fuse -
      Posting in thread, crossing fingers.
    1. InvisibleKid's Avatar
      InvisibleKid -
      Fantastic - this games looks ace! Guardian Heroes - esque goodness!
    1. Neon Ignition's Avatar
      Neon Ignition -
      Solange is a work of art... the games pretty decent too!
    1. Anpanman's Avatar
      Anpanman -
      Nice one Charles, I'll try my luck.
    1. Nico87's Avatar
      Nico87 -
      Hello, hello! Just recieved the game along with the mini art book and the soundtrack. These would go just fine along with it

      PS! You're sexy, Charles.

      To be honest though, these should go to briareos_kerensky for his wonderful contributions to the import forum.

      If there are two sets, give the other to importaku!

      Or just me!
    1. Briareos's Avatar
      Briareos -
      A wonderful idea for a compo! Sadly I don't have a twitter account so I'll post here and see what happens!
    1. sadat's Avatar
      sadat -
      Yes please! Xs for fingers...
    1. plopboy's Avatar
      plopboy -
      Nice artwork there
    1. ezg's Avatar
      ezg -
      Very nice indeed
    1. Goemon's Avatar
      Goemon -
      Count me in!
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      5 days left
    1. crocky-chocky's Avatar
      crocky-chocky -
      Lovely artwork. Count me in!
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      Closing tomorrow!
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      Now closed. Winners announced soon.
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