• Oh Mummy coming to the Mega Drive

    It is truly a good time to be a Mega Drive owner these days. As if last year's RPG-epic Pier Solar wasn't enough we now have another homebrew release winging its way to Sega's 16-bit powerhouse in the form of a brand new Oh Mummy port. Produced by the folks over at 1985Alternivo the cartridge contains a very smooth looking version of the Amstrad CPC original along with a completely revamped release that not only contains new graphics but a variety of different modes and giant flying Sphinxes to boot.

    Oh Mummy Mega Drive.

    The original game saw the player running around a grid, gradually uncovering the pyramid's secrets. Each time the player's path entirely surrounds one of the rectangular blocks it reveals its contents. This can range from more enemies, who will follow the player to the next level, to defensive scrolls that protect the player from harm and items required to unlock the next stage. The new version not only adds redrawn sprites but also a number of variants, such as an invisible level where only the player's and the mummies' eyes are visible, which shows an inventiveness that bodes well for the full release.

    1985Alternivo are taking pre-orders from international buyers in the run up to this October's launch date and they offer extremely reasonable pricing, from the looks of things they're selling pretty much at cost. So if you own a Mega Drive and are interested in checking out what could be some great fast-paced arcade action why not check it out.

    Do note that currently international buyers are asked to e-mail the team directly, contact details can be found in the link above.

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    1. killy's Avatar
      killy -
      I recall this on the ZX Spectrum I had. It was a bit like pac man as far as I can recall, but I don't recall a lot of the sprites that they've perhaps added.
    1. k0pp0's Avatar
      k0pp0 -
      ignore me I'm talking sheeeeite.
    1. Golgo's Avatar
      Golgo -
      I don't have a megadrive but that looks lush. The guys who did it are heroes, in my book.
    1. Baseley09's Avatar
      Baseley09 -
      Ahaha ****ing legend, this game came with my Amstrad in 1987 0_o, the music would drive you nuts but it's an awesome game.

      Looking at the vid I hope they keep the original tune.
    1. EDDIE M0NS00N's Avatar
      EDDIE M0NS00N -
      oh my god! I had this on my speccy too .

      Great to see the MD/Genesis making a comeback with some new games
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