• Devil May Cry 3 Advanced Technique Guide - Swordmaster

    Devil May Cry 3 has a variety of Styles. This technique guide covers the "Swordmaster" style. The "Royal Guard" style is covered in a separate guide. Click here for the Royal Guard Style Guide.



    Without Lock-on activated, Dante can change direction between each strike within a combo string of any of his melee weapons; this includes the extra Swordmaster Style strikes on the Style button. Separate your attack and Style button presses into singular strikes in time with your directional changes on the analogue stick: this will allow Dante to change direction on each strike of a combo string or Style button attack. How fast Dante will react to the directional change is dependent upon the melee weapon currently equipped. For example Cerberus strikes are instant; they can change direction multiple times and can easily interrupt oncoming attacks from any angle - Nevan on the other hand is only effective for changing directions if the Style button attack is used, and will only allow for a single change in direction. This directional change technique is best used for crowd control if you're surrounded or to stop an attack from behind or from the side while you're fighting an enemy in front.

    When fighting a group of enemies try not to commit to a single enemy with Lock-on. Think of Lock-on as a shift key to access Dante's command attacks and evades during combos: while Locked-on you can use direction + button commands, sideways rolls and forward or backwards flips. However during Lock-on you cannot change direction freely; if you're Locked-on to an enemy in the middle of a combo and an attack comes in from a different angle you will have to get out of the way, which will break up the flow of your attack.

    The above video is an example of what happens if you overuse lock-on; not being able to deal quick strikes in opposing directions will cause you to lose your position and break your attempt at a combo string.

    In the above video Dante is targeting the white reapers while keeping the black reapers at bay. A quick singular strike in the direction of an oncoming attack will stop it in its tracks and allow Dante to carry on the combo against his original target immediately. Notice that the Lock-on crosshair only appears upon initial targeting and during command attacks (such as the uppercut) - by not totally committing to Lock-on against a single target you'll be free to react to danger from any direction.

    If you badly need to hold your current position and a directional change attack won