• Wii-U Unboxing Video

    Bordersdown.net has a Wii-U unboxing video. It doesn't get any more exciting than this folks. We even go into detail on the exact specifications of the PSU.

    In a blatant attempt to go viral, I've "accidentally" persuaded my cat to lounge around in the background.

    So then, something for Nintendo fans, something for PSU geeks and something for cat lovers. If you fit in all three categories, please post in the comments!

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    1. Ico's Avatar
      Ico -
      hmm...those voltage specs for the power brick are the same as the Wii are they not? Perhaps its possible to use a UK/ PAL region brick from a Wii to power an American Wii-U, providing the inputs are the same on both consoles that is.
    1. kryss's Avatar
      kryss -
      The shape of the connector that fits into the console is reversed so it won't work.

      Also, the Wii LAN Adapter is one of the supported accessories, so those complaining about not having a hardline can shush.
    1. Gluecifer's Avatar
      Gluecifer -
      Have you gone online with it and made purchases throught the eShop? My u.s one should arrive monday, but I was still a tad concerned about being IP locked out of the u.s store and the usual other paranoia about whether you can use a non-u.s credit card on it, or if you need to still use the Brazil trick.
    1. kryss's Avatar
      kryss -
      I live in Canada so it's a non-issue for me.
    1. Gluecifer's Avatar
      Gluecifer -
      I forgot to mention I'm in .au. I was assuming Steven was in the UK.
      Good to know though, Kryss!
    1. kryss's Avatar
      kryss -
      I can sort prepaid cards for people if necessary.
    1. Gluecifer's Avatar
      Gluecifer -
      I've recieved my Wii U and set up the Nintendo Network account and my .au credit card isn't useable on it. I tried the Brazil trick but that doesn't work either as the eShop isn't available to Brazil. You can, however, bring across an account from the 3DS, which may mean I could top up my account through the 3DS and the balance would come through on the Wii U as I have no problem using my CC on the u.s eShop through my 3DS. I'll have a play around and see, but I might need to contct you for prepaid cards, Kryss as there's bugger all of them being sold online.
    1. MoFo2's Avatar
      MoFo2 -
      Videogamesplus has some cards, but you need to have a Canadian account on the Wii U to use them. Will that be the case with your cards Kryss?
    1. Gluecifer's Avatar
      Gluecifer -
      I'm currently using PlayAsia's excellent digital card delivery service, and it's working great. This will keep me rockin for sure.
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