• Retro Revival 2013

    Retro Revival 2013 is this weekend, 18 & 19th May at Wolverhampton Race Course. There will be Freeplay Arcade & Pinball machines, Retro Consoles, Computers, Virtual Reality Machine, Cosplay, and Competitions.

    Special guests inc Bob Wakelin, Simon Butler, Bill Harbison, Archer Maclean, The Oliver Twins, The Newsfield gang (Roger Kean, Oliver Frey, Robin Hogg and Paul Rand) probably a few more too.

    But enough about dressing up and official announcements, what gaming challenges will RetroCollect have in store for you, you ask?

    Several members of the RetroCollect Squad are set to host a SNK themed Cosplay competition.

    Donkey Kong Country Challenge

    Consider yourself to be king of the jungle? They are setting the stage for you to prove how good your banana munching, rhino riding and barrel blasting skills really are.
    Whether or not you have what it takes to be crowned as Donkey Kong's successor is up to you. After all there are plenty of places available to be crowned Cranky Kong's carer for those lacking the jungle edge!

    Sonic The Hedgehog: Robotnik's Showdown

    Due to popular demand, they are going back to a tried and tested RetroCollect event favourite by bringing back the 2011 Robotnik Wreckage Challenge (under a new name). Those who have previously viewed the list of the Top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Mega Drive ROM hacks around or even visited at previous retro gaming events, will most likely be familiar (and ready for action) with what this upcoming challenge entails.

    SNK Vs. Capcom Competition Chaos

    To run alongside the SNK Cosplay activities, RetroCollect's Katsu is hoping to add a bit more flavour to his pre-organised SNK theme. He's ready to put those within the close-knit retro gaming community against each other with some classic old fashion 2D beat 'em up action. While they cannot be held responsible for any brawls which break out, they will be taking the credit for organising some fights to remember.

    They will be hosting this competition on the first day of the Revival weekend only with limited spaces available. Using the PlayStation 2 port of the game with accompanying arcade sticks. If you're feeling tough and up for a good ol' battle, be sure to get your name down on the list as soon as you arrive!

    Be sure to stop by the RetroCollect setup to introduce yourself and take part in these fantastic challenges. There will be prizes worth shouting about on offer for the winners, and memorable moments for everyone else.

    For more info check out these links;
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