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    It's good, but it's not right. If you didn't read that in Roy Walker's voice, then you clearly never saw him hosting Catchphrase. With it being one of the best quiz shows the UK has ever produced, it certainly sucks to be you.

    In it, contestants were tasked with solving Rebus puzzles; pictures or series' of pictures that can be translated to form words and, er, catchphrases. For example a scene that shows Mr Chips walking on the words “WILD SIDE” will of course represent the catchphrase, “walk on the wild side.” Two columns are shown on the screen, one of which has a speech bubble coming from it that says: “hey, have you heard about...” Did you get it? Gossip column!

    If you're wondering why these examples come from Catchphrase and not Say What You See: The Collection, it's because to give away even a single answer would give the player one less to discover for themselves, and one less potential moment of utter joy when suddenly the answer to a puzzle hits them right between the eyes.

    Say What You See: The Collection costs 59p (£1.19 on iPad) and features one of two “canvasses,” either Scary Movies or Books2Film. It's your choice. Each canvas has 50 Rebus puzzles placed around as part of a larger painting. Other canvasses, which currently include 80s Movies, US TV Dramas, and will soon include a canvas full of videogame Rebus puzzles, are available at 59p each as in-app purchases. New canvasses are released at a rate of around one a month. Each canvas can be trialled, with ten of the fifty puzzles available, for free.

    The canvasses are hand painted by artist, Amie Bolissian, and each is beautiful. They look great on the iPhone's screen and can be moved around by dragging them with a finger, and zoomed in and out by using two fingers. Tapping on a puzzle brings up the iPhone's keyboard which allows an answer to be input. A traffic light system will indicate how close you are, right or wrong or an amber light if you're close. The game controls perfectly, and feels entirely natural. Even without an explanation of the controls you'll just know how to play subconsciously. Turning the handset into a vertical position lists all the currently solved puzzles and the ones yet to be answered.

    The highlight, of course, is the puzzles themselves. Without wanting to spoil any of them, all that can really be said is that they're all clever, they're often hilarious, and the feeling you get from solving one is wonderful. Especially when you solve one of the funnier ones such as number 2 in the 80s Movies canvas, which is just incredible. So many of the puzzles can be described in the same way and it's almost torture that you can't tell everyone you see about them, because it's only fair that they discover them for themselves.

    For obvious reasons, there's not much replay value here. Once a puzzle is solved it's permanently in your mind, never to be forgotten. Every time you think about a coin that says “half a dollar,” you'll associate it with 50 Cent – a puzzle in Say What You See: Music Fest, which is promised as an addition to The Collection at some point in the future. There are achievements to earn in GameCenter but these will come through normal play anyway.

    It doesn't matter that there's not much replay value, though, because there are so many puzzles that you won't be done in a hurry. 59p for fifty puzzles which can only be played once sounds like a lot, but the thrill of solving them for the first time and the amount of times you'll genuinely laugh out loud at the game is more than worth the investment, and the further payments that new canvasses will require.

    It's good, and it feels totally right.

    It's HERE on iTunes or HERE on Android
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