• Monster Hunter 4 menu translations MH4

    Here are some basic translations to help players deal with the menus in the new Monster Hunter 4 on Nintendo 3DS.

    Basic Yes/No:
    決定 - Confirm
    戻る - Return

    Name - Gender
    Skin colour - Inner (style/colour)
    Face - Make up
    Eye colour - Hairstyle

    Room Service
    Download Contents

    Item Box
    Store Item
    Take item
    Item set
    Combine/sell item(s)
    Change/sell equipment
    Equipment sets
    Change body (i.e. reconfigure base body)

    Take item set
    Save item set
    Move item set
    Delete item set

    Choose equipment
    Choose Talisman
    Set gem
    Sell equipment

    Equip set
    Save set
    Move set
    Delete set

    Change inner clothing
    Change hairstyle
    Change make up
    Change eye colour
    Change armour pigment (yes, you can do this from the start!)

    [otomo board]
    Mission/training settings
    Change regulars
    Change/sell equipment
    Change inner clothing
    Edit otomo comment
    Release from duty
    Hire downloaded otomo

    [otomo mission information]

    Hunter Search - Menu
    Guild Card - Gesture - Friends
    <to right>
    Current hunters
    World map

    Item pouch
    Combine from llist
    Quest info
    Hunter notes

    Equipment info
    Guild Card
    Guild Quest
    Quit game

    Music volume
    Sound effect volume
    Sound setting (surround by default)
    Display HUD (yes by default)
    Display Map (yes by default)
    Camera setting
    Camera controls
    Controls while using scope

    Gunner targeting type
    Targeting controls
    Targeting camera type
    Targeting movement speed
    Direction type
    Bow control type
    Start button action
    Lock on camera controls

    Lock on camera action
    Camera position (i.e. occasionally when it depends on surroundings)
    Circle pad pro setting
    Circle pad pro controls
    Game environment (i.e. the "no blood" setting

    Return to defaults


    [Equipment Study Atelier]

    Study Unearthed Equipment
    Upgrade Unearthed Equipment
    Exchange for resource/Ryodan Points

    Online bits!

    [Meeting Hall]
    Move to Meeting Hall
    Change Online status

    [Change Online Status]
    Play alone (offline)
    Play with people near (local play)
    Play with people far (internet play)

    [Change Online Status (after selecting Internet Play option)]
    Create Meeting Hall
    Search for Meeting Hall
    Friend List

    [Meeting Hall settings (after selecting Create Meeting Hall)]
    Gathering Hunters (default: no setting, also selectable 新人 newbies, 下位 low rank, 上位 high rank)
    Recruiting phrase (currently: "everyone welcome!", also a good choice is 仲間と遊んでる "playing with friends")
    Password (not set by default)
    Allow signing (the pinging on the map)

    [Search settings (after selecting Search for Meeting Hall)]
    Gathering Hunters (as above)

    Worth noting to move to another meeting hall, select the Internet Play option again to reset.
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