• Onore No Shinzuru Michi Wo Yuke Menu Translation

    A translation for the menu screens in Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke on PSP.

    After pressing any button on the title screen, you'll be presented with the main menu screen.

    From top to bottom, the options are:


    Multiplayer and demo sharing both require another PSP within range. Tutorial takes you through a basic level, explaining how to play as you go along.

    Selecting Story mode will display the world map.

    Levels are selected by moving left and right through areas in the bar at the top, each level can be replayed and the next one you need to play to advance the story is signified by a pinwheel. When you select a level, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to play it. From top to bottom:


    When a level ends, the results screen will be displayed.

    These are the bonuses you can earn, with the points affecting your rank. From top to bottom:

    CLEAR BONUS - for clearing the level
    HEALTH BONUS - for the amount of remaining clones
    ITEM BONUS - for collecting items such as gold in certain levels
    OBJECT BONUS - for destroying items such as scenery
    REMAINING MOVE ENERGY BONUS - for unused magic points accrued
    ENEMY DESTRUCTION BONUS - for destroying enemies
    TOTAL - for adding up

    In Mission mode, you're just playing for rank, but in Story mode the score you earn here will be used as experience and will level you up, earning skill points. At the end of each level in story mode, you'll be shown the customisation screen.

    The first number is your current level, and directly below that is a gauge showing how many more experience points you'll need before reaching the next level. The third number, below the white line, shows how many skill points you have available to spend, with the rest of the yellow numbers showing how many skill points are required to level up that skill. Those skills, from top to bottom are:

    ATTACK POWER - higher level means more damage
    MOVEMENT SPEED - level up for quicker ninjas
    NUMBER OF CLONES - the amount of "lives" you'll have
    BODY SWAP TECHNIQUE - the amount of time a summoned statue will depress a switch
    FIRE TECHNIQUE - the power of your fire attack
    WIND TECHNIQUE - the power and range of your wind attack

    To spend skill points, select the skill you want to upgrade, press right to set it to the desired level, and press Circle to confirm, you'll then be asked if yo're sure.


    If you press X, you'll be asked if you're sure you want to quit; you'll keep any unspent skill points but you won't be able to edit skills until the next level is played. So, sure you want to quit?


    Mission mode differs from Story mode. Rather than having the ability to customise your ninja's stats, you're given specific stats to begin with and have to deal with the constraints placed upon you. Levels are selected similarly to Story mode, though with the option of seven missions in each area. When a mission is chosen, the conditions are displayed.

    The numbers from left to right show the number of clones, attack power level, body swap technique level, fire technique level, and wind technique level.

    There are two remaining options on the main menu. Firstly, Options.

    From top to bottom:

    AUTOSAVE - this is off by default, don't forget to save!

    The other main menu option is Help, which displays two further options.

    First is CONTROLS, which just displays an image of the controls. The second displays a very pretty video showing the places in the game.

    In-game, pressing the right trigger will display a menu asking if you'd like to cut your clone's life short, and move on to the next ninja.


    Pausing the game will bring up the pause menu.

    From here you can continue playing with the top option, select BGM with the second option, or quit with the third option.

    Are you sure you want to quit?


    (note: translations may not be literal, but the context is correct.)

    Please post in feedback if you use this translation, so we know that it has been useful.
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