• Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Translation Guide

    Here is a translation of the menu screens in:
    Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the Sony Playstation2:

    Match Options Menu - appears before each match

    The selectable parts of these options all change, but we've translated what's in the screenshot anyway. Also this is a scroll menu and there's an option that doesn't appear on this screen unless you scroll, which is "Referee Select"

    (Left side)

    User Settings - 1
    Blue Corner - 1P
    Red Corner - CP
    Match Rule - 3 Count Rule
    Over The Ropes - OFF
    Match Length - 30 Minutes
    No. of Matches - One Match
    Ring - SWA
    Location - SPIKE DOME
    COM Level - 4

    (Right side)

    Rope Check - ON
    Elimination ----
    Lumberjack - OFF
    Tornado Battle ----
    Cut Play ----
    Foul Count - ON
    Ringside Count - ON
    Match BGM - Musashi Returns
    Critical Rate - Normal

    Main Menu

    1. Play Game
    2. Edit
    3. Options
    4. Save/Load

    Play Game

    1. One Night Match
    2. One Night Tournament
    3. Open League
    4. Group Battle
    5. Battle Royal
    6. Title Match - this mode makes use of belts created in the "Belt" section of Edit mode
    7. Matchmake Mode

    One Night Match

    1. Normal Match
    2. Deathmatch 1
    3. Deathmatch 2
    4. Deathmatch 3
    5. SWA Official Rules Match
    6. S-1 Rules Match
    7. Gruesome Fighting

    One Night Tournament

    1. New Game
    2. Continue

    Open League

    1. New Game
    2. Continue

    Group Battle

    1. Match
    2. Team Edit

    Group Battle (Match)

    1. Survival
    2. Round Robin
    3. Round Robin (Tug of War)

    Battle Royal

    1. Normal
    2. First To Win
    3. Endless
    4. Over The Ropes
    5. Time Difference

    Matchmake Mode

    1. Season Play (12 turns) (extensive sub menus not included in this guide)
    2. Competition Play (1 turn)
    3. Ranking

    Edit Menu

    1. Wrestler Edit
    2. Referee Edit
    3. Ring Edit
    4. Logo Edit
    5. Belt Edit
    6. Team Edit

    Wrestler Edit Menu (Upper)

    All Wrestlers
    Snowy Country Pro Wrestling
    BBT Pro Wrestling
    Kansai Pro Wrestling

    The text on the right consist of wrestlers' names



    Wrestler Edit Menu (Lower)

    Kansai Pro Wrestling
    Riki Maru Pro
    High Class
    Female Pro Wrestler

    Retired(Not registered)

    Referee Edit Menu (Upper)

    New file

    Referees:0 Remaining:10

    Input Name Menu - This is the same wherever you are required to put your name in

    1. Hiragana
    2. Katakana
    3. Kanji(Chinese characters)
    4. English
    5. Symbols
    6. Switch to Kanji
    7. Exit

    Exit Referee Edit Menu

    Appy changes and exit
    Cancel changes and exit

    Referee Option Menu

    1. Create New Referee
    2. Edit Referee Name
    3. Delete Referee

    Ring Edit Menu

    New Ring
    Corner Mat Type:Cylindrical
    Corner Colour:
    Steel Poles:
    Rope Colour:
    Mat Type: Type A
    Mat Colour:
    Banner Colour:

    Logo Edit Menu (a)

    1. Undo
    2. Redo
    3. Zoom
    4. Cut
    5. Paste
    6. Delete Selected Areav
    7. Switch Layer Display ON/OFF

    Logo Edit Menu (b)

    1. Tool Window
    2. Edit Colour Window
    3. Overview Window
    4. Edit Window
    5. Settings Window
    6. Layer Window
    7. Information Window

    Exit Logo Edit Menu

    Appy changes and exit
    Cancel changes and exit

    Belt Edit Menu (a)

    Belt Data

    Not Registered

    Please create a belt

    Belt Edit Menu (b)

    Plate Type:0
    Plate Colour 1
    Plate Colour 2
    Plate Colour 3
    Plate Highlight: None
    Sub-Plate Type:0
    Sub-Plate Colour 1
    Sub-Plate Colour 2
    Sub-Plate Highlight: None
    Belt Type:0
    Belt Colour 1
    Belt Colour 2
    Belt Highlight: None

    Belt Edit Menu (c)

    Not Much
    A Little
    Very Little
    A bit
    Quite a lot
    A lot

    Belt Edit Menu (exit)

    Apply chnages and exit
    Cancel changes and exit

    Belt Edit Menu (type)

    Players - Single
    Class - Heavy Class
    Match Type - Normal Match

    Options Menu

    Sound Output - Stereo
    BGM Volume (March) - 85%
    BGM Volume (Opening) - 85%
    BGM Volume (Match) - 85%
    Opening Scene - On
    Vibration - On
    Shorcut Controls - On
    Save Confirmation - On
    Demonstration Match Card - N/A

    Staff Credits

    Save/Load Menu

    1. Save
    2. Load
    3. Copy Wrestler Data
    4. Copy Logo Data

    Please post in feedback if you use this translation, so we know that it has been useful.
    Comments 8 Comments
    1. BigDeadFreak's Avatar
      BigDeadFreak -
      Such a brilliant game, no other wrestling game comes close to replicating what pro wrestling is actually about (building a well crafted match as opposed to running around like a headless chicken as in the Smackdown games).
    1. 112's Avatar
      112 -
      I'd have to say that Wcw vs Nwo on the N64 was my personal highlight for wrestling games, the others that followed that particular format of wrestling were also good, notably WWE No Mery and Wrestlemania 2000 on the N64.

      Although I must also agree that Fire Pro a Wrestling has its own unique charm to it...

    1. BigDeadFreak's Avatar
      BigDeadFreak -
      I loved Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy too (I was a bit late to the party for the WCW games). The multiplayer in No Mercy was great, I remember spending hours doing 4 player battle royals. I gave up on it when I accidentally deleted my memory card and all the the wrestlers I had created. I couldn't bring myself to play it after that so I decided to give Fire Pro a try on the Dreamcast.

      I spent an obscene amount of time creating wrestlers for it, the fact that you could actually programme their A.I. made it so deep. I loved the gameplay too and made all sorts of federations and stables back when I was young enough to actually have an imagination

      There was a really good community around it as well with the Game FAQS board being really friendly and helpful (crazy I know) and a dedicated site being even better. In a way they helped create Fire Pro Returns as well as converting a lot of the new moves from the PS2 game onto the Dreamcast.
    1. 112's Avatar
      112 -
      Yeah, Fire Pro Wrestling was a game that required a lot of time invested in it to really get the most out of it. I remember how long matches used to go on for, and how you could customise so much of it.

      You mention a very valid point there about time and imagination, as these days I have so little of either... Growing up is such a chore!

      It would be so good if an updated version of it came out now... I will admit, I have not followed the series since the Dreamcast version.

    1. Tobal's Avatar
      Tobal -
      Big fan myself of Human/Spike's wrestling games, put alot of time in King of Coliseum 2, G,D,Z and returns to point that i should really track down the European version of returns with the English translation on it. Still have 6 VMU devoted to firepro D saves for edits and 55+ download moves, including a couple of fan ported ones from Z on the ps2.
    1. BigDeadFreak's Avatar
      BigDeadFreak -
      I'm sure they released Fire Pro Returns for the PS2 in North America fully translated.
    1. Soundwave's Avatar
      Soundwave -
      Quote Originally Posted by BigDeadFreak View Post
      I'm sure they released Fire Pro Returns for the PS2 in North America fully translated.
      They did & it even got a PAL release in Italy...


      I tried to play the Jpn PS2 version but I just couldn't figure out what I was doing with the language barrier (never knew this FAQ existed at the time ) so gave up & sold it on.

      It was pretty interesting from what I did faff around with though.

    1. BigDeadFreak's Avatar
      BigDeadFreak -
      I had it on the Saturn for a while and struggled for the same reason. It was only when I saw the translation and guide on Game FAQS for the DC version that I really got involved in it. It then took over my life for years.

      When I wanted to stop playing for a cigarette break I'd set up a match between two CPU controlled characters and watch it while I smoked. The AI was so good it was almost like watching a real wrestling match.
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