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Immersion achieved!

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Like a poorly built house, I caved and went out and bought Deus Ex Human Revolution despite telling myself (and the internet) that I would wait for all the DLC to be made available. Anyway, I had heard that it was possible to use the Xbox Chatpad as a keyboard within the game. This game supposedly had lots of situations where one would need to input names and numbers, and I really hate having some bland on-screen keyboard popping up, distorting my view and really taking me out of the experience. So I thought this would be a great excuse to finally buy the Chatpad that I've longed for so long. So now, when Adam Jensen is supposed to type on a keyboard, I type on my own physical keyboard LIKE I'M INSIDE THE GAME! All I need now are some cool shades and a goatee.

As Microsoft seems to have a universal keyboard library in the XBox that most games support, I think I can use the Chatpad in most games out there.

The device itself is actually really cool. All the buttons are made of hard plastic, not soft rubber, and gives a good tactile feel when clicked. Hitting one of the buttons lights up the entire keyboard, making the buttons easier to see when playing in the dark. And most importantly, the comfort and grip of the controller has not been reduced at all. It cost me about 25

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  1. BaronSqwelch's Avatar
    i love mine too...makes even typing in points cards a pleasure (kind of)

    luckily i got the mic/pad double pack in a sale for 10 quid...needed the spare mic for when my wireless one needs charging and the pad was an unexpected bonus.
  2. Guts's Avatar
    Sorry for pissing on your parade, Alex, but there really isn't THAT much typing in the game, and most of that is 4 digit number codes for doors.
  3. JSR's Avatar
    Yeah I noticed that.

    Still happy with it though. I actually think the controller looks cooler with it on. Like a modern sports car or... something.