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Project Rainfall Part 3 - Pandora's Tower

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Well, after the slightly disappointing (for me at least) Xenoblade, and the thoroughly epic The Last Story, I tried to go into Pandora's Tower with an open mind. Luckily it's pretty damn sweet so no problems there

Making Seres eat the flesh of a little off-putting at first, but you become desensitized over time

Game of the Week for sure.

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  1. Daragon's Avatar
    I can't help but feel that if you'd had some experience of an MMO you'd have seen Xenoblade through very different eyes.

    Such a shame the experience seemed wasted on you - it's a real gem! Did you actually finish it?
  2. kryss's Avatar
    I don't see how playing an MMO would change anything.

    I liked everything in Xenoblade except for the playing of it.
  3. Daragon's Avatar
    Because you'd have a greater appreciation of the gameplay style, that's why. You also graded it rather unfairly in my opinion, based, by the sound of it, purely on the unavoidable enemies of a much higher level, and the supposed lack of a dodge ability, which is only somewhat accurate as the ability to dodge is based on the agility level of a character - any difficulty spikes can be negated with grinding too (and let's face it, if you're not a fan of that then you're playing the wrong games to begin with). While it's true that you get level 80 odd monsters in the earlier zones, they're hardly unavoidable and I think that makes for a rather refreshing move, as it means you can return to the earlier areas and grind there if you so desired, rather than just one or two of the later stages.

    That said, you're certainly unique in your appraisal of Last Story and Xenoblade - the general consensus is that the prior is the weaker of the two titles.