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Resident Evil Retrospective & Resident Evil 4 Review

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The Resident Evil series is one of Capcom's most well known and cherished franchises originating from the PlayStation era. A series that has creepily stumbled right into the current generation...

The original Resident Evil, released in 1996, was one of the first games to get branded with the 'survival horror' term, though there were games that preceded it that could also be classed as survival horror games.
It introduced millions all over to the world of Raccoon City as well as to the evil Umbrella corporation and their deadly T-virus monsters.
Survival horror is a sub-genre of action but usually players will find themselves with certain limitations.
Examples of such limitations could be: A lack of ammo; health; or even inventory space. These limitations can effectively heighten the game's atmosphere and cause the player to re-consider the 'Go in guns blazing!' option you might pick in other action games.
If you only have one clip left and a whole corridor of a half-dozen rotting, flesh hungry zombies to navigate past; it's not ideal to kill every enemy you come across and to conserve ammunition.
Over the years Capcom released five main sequels (and a prequel) and a number of spin-offs to Resident Evil. The main series being Resident evil 0,1 2, 3, Code Veronica. All of these games followed a similar template to the original but in new settings with some new gameplay elements and various recurring characters with overlapping stories based on Umbrella.

The games would go on to sell millions of copies worldwide and get released on a plethora of platforms including: PS1, Saturn, N64, Gamecube, PS2, Wii, DS and PC. Ports of the original games for Xbox Live, PSN and Steam certainly wouldn't go amiss. Though we all still yearn for a true remake of Resident Evil 2.
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