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Urban Exploration

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Exploring old abandoned places, bringing the world of video games into real life!

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Snippet -
We've all, well most of us anyway, had our own experiences relating to urban exploration which is the exploration of abandoned or derelict buildings, structures and facilities in an urban environment. Though some people's experiences may be from more rural areas it's a similar exposure to an architect's nightmare: Decayed structures and buildings.

I remember an eventful day, years ago when Freddo's were still 10p, I was visiting a friend (We both lived in the countryside) and our curious mischievous selves decided it would be a good idea to look in this old abandoned farm house that was just up the road.

A short five minute walk down a recently tarred, yet very mucky, lane we came across it in it's not-so-healthy looking state. All the windows were boarded up, the front door broken off and rotting on the floor, and many of the moss covered slates were absent from the roof. Despite the poor condition of the house we ventured inside with nothing more than weak torches and an intense mix of excitement and anxiety. After carefully treading through the initial room, which was a long ago burnt down kitchen, we came across creaky-wooden steps that lead to the rest of the old musty place.

The rooms were almost pitch black, the paint was peeling off the walls and the whole place felt like something out of a horror film. We didn't stay in there much longer but did have a quick look around a couple of stripped out rooms before vacating. It was an interesting and unique experience, that probably helped influence my current devotion to urban exploration. Though later on we would be on the receiving end of artillery fueled parents, whom at the time seemed as if they would probably have been less upset with us if we had robbed a bank.
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  1. charlesr's Avatar
    There's a really popular forum for exploration of abandoned buildings. Some amazing photos and stuff. Really interesting.