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    Harry Hill'sw TV Burp

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidH View Post
    That's a long list Bort, makes me feel better about the amount I try and watch.
    Here to help.

    Always good to have a big backlog. Something for every mood.

    Quote Originally Posted by Number45 View Post
    I've been meaning to check House out, because I love High Laurie. Hearing him with a fake accent may break my heart though.
    It's well worth watching. It beds itself in over a long period then the story starts really kicking in.

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    Nobody watch Castle ? For shame.......

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    Britain's Disgusting Food is a good life, and Don't get Screwed is interesting. Both of which are on BBC3. BBC3 rocks.

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    TV Burp is class

    Been watching X Factor too, the shame of it

    Will probably not watch owt else after sunday until the Doctor Who specials over Christmas and New Year.

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    The missus dominates the television so it's all reality television here. Drives me nuts. Nuts I tell ye.

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    Same here, plus soaps and crap I can't even begin mention, there must be 30 hours of the stuff on the V+ box at any one time. Then the son has about twenty hours of stuff on there also. Thank God for the internetz.

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    Lie To Me
    Burn Notice
    IT Crowd

    Used to watch Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly before they got cancelled

    Don't watch much Brit TV as I find it poor compared to US equivalents.

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    And here She watches all the crap. Tbf, i don't watch that much TV. I prefer watching films or surfing/gaming/reading.

    I did watch Life as that was brilliant. Also like masterchef, Dragons Den, Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week (not now Frankies gone tho).

    Tried Flash Forward and was bored after episode one. Gavin and Stacy just plain irritates me.

    The only shows i watch religiously are House and Lost.

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    The Restaurant - Have never watched it but one of those shows I have got into via the MRS, need to catch up on a few.
    Miranda - Has been really making me chuckle, love Miranda Hart too she is cool.
    Cast Offs - Am curious about this series, need to catch up with them after the first.
    Misfits - Very unusual take on superheroes/superpowers, quite original if a bit teeny.

    Cant wait for the new series of 24 and Lost to come back.
    Need to catch up on series 2 of Fringe got them all recorded on + box now so far, also catch up with new Dexter and True Blood series 2.


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