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    The general TV show watching thread.

    There are only a few shows that get specific threads so a general thread for viewing habits might be a good idea.

    I had planned to do one around the start of the fall season in the states but never got round to it. May as well start one up as I watch quite a few shows that don't receive any coverage on here.

    Currently watching,

    30 rock.
    American Dad. (A few really good eps recently.)
    Andrew Marr Show.
    Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    Dateline London.
    Dexter. (Pure class.)
    Family Guy.
    Have I got News for You.
    Heroes. (I should stop watching this. Weak.)
    It's always sunny in Philadelphia.
    Modern family. (Very rare. An okay (well good enough) American sitcom.)
    Scrubs. (Not sure if I'll see the new series out.)
    South Park.
    Simpsons. (Current series is a Big Big step down even compared to recent seasons.)
    Stargate Universe.
    The Daily Show and Colbert Report. (Eeexcellent.)
    The Cleveland Show. (Not great.)
    The Office US.
    This Week.
    V, New and old show.

    Just one or two.

    Intermittently watch,

    Burn Notice. (Catching up from the start.)
    Pinky and the Brain.

    About to watch,

    In Treatment.
    Mad men.
    Southland. (Second season about to start but it's already cancelled. ;( )
    Venture Bros.


    Entourage. (Dislike the world and the last season of featured guests was a Huge turn off.)
    FlashForward. (Only four eps in but nothing has interested me.)
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    Saw a bit of that Russell Brand: Skinned earlier, about fifteen minutes. I'm probably one of the few on here who actually likes Brand, but by god that man is articulate, he venerates our English language, and I wish peeps'd get past the big hair 'cos the man's mouth drops gems like a diamond thief with a poorly-constructed theft-bag.

    Apart from that, I've watched f*ck-all this week, bar ten minutes of that Leeds match earlier, at work (5-1!!! Pump that up your ****e-pipe, Ketteringers!!!) !!!!

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    My list would be:


    Shows I watch often as they are just on tv alot

    Everybody Loves Raymond
    King of Queens

    I need some new ones though, since BSG and My Name is Earl ended.

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    At the moment I watch Life, Top Gear and Gavin & Stacey. Only football other than those, I really don't watch very much TV at all.

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    Dexter is the only thing I currently can't miss.
    When this is finished I might start on the latest season of Californication which should see me through to Lost.
    Quite like Miranda, Jonathan Ross but not not fussed if I miss them.
    If I'm not busy at weekends I like Saturday kitchen and Something for the weekend.

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    The only thing I watch regularly on telly is Corrie (and that's cos my girl is always watching it). Other than that I catch random episodes of Miami Ink and Grand Designs, but rarely sit through a whole episode. There's just nothing good on these days.

    Did catch that Russell Brand doc last night, was really interesting (tho I am a fan), loved his talk about altered states, the similarities between drugs and performance.
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    Now that Peep Show is gone again, it's House for me and nothing else. Shame it's on another break and isn't back until late January

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    That's a long list Bort, makes me feel better about the amount I try and watch.

    Currently watching/cathing up on

    Man v Food
    Top Chef
    White Collar
    Oz - season four

    There's probably a few more I've forgotten also. Lots of stuff already ended/ending this month though

    Only really watch about three shows on UK TV at the moment.

    And can't wait for the return of 24, Lost, Entourage and Sons of Anarchy, Shameless, Dark Blue - assuming it returns.

    FlashForward got the boot after two weeks, can see that dragging on for far too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Now that Peep Show is gone again, it's House for me and nothing else. Shame it's on another break and isn't back until late January
    I've been meaning to check House out, because I love High Laurie. Hearing him with a fake accent may break my heart though.


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