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    Anyone had a few drinks?

    Ok i realise this is maybe slightly juvenile but i've just got in from my first night out after 3 months of stressful new build house arranging/moving/buying and to be honest it feels a bit too great for a supposedly settled down 30yr old! Anyone else feeling the booze love tonight??


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    I only usually have a few beers on friday

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    I just sat in last night looking at muck and trying to get into S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on the pc but pretty bored in general, not had a drink in a while so i think that's why i needed a release today. I used to love going out on a friday night after work, we grow up far too quick don't we?

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    I've had a few Specked Hens with the housemates at the local, but it's a routine thing on a Saturday night. Something we have to put on hold over Christmas, too.

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    I'm hungover this morning.

    That bag of super salted salt and vinegar nuts seemed like such a good idea at the time. They've made me even more dehydrated.

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    I had one or five beverages last night, very good stuff. I'm also going to Dublin in the week with work and it's the office Christmas party on Friday. I'm going to be a write off by Saturday. I'm thinking of donating my body to medical science but I'll give you guys first dibs if you need spare parts

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    Ha, Spatial, i know that feeling mate

    I had a few cans last night whilst putting up the Christmas Decorations... (only planned on having a couple but they just went down so easily... got through 12 cans in the end. sigh). I'm drinking a wee bit much at the moment, but hey, it's Christmas.

    I have to admit I enjoy going out into town for drinkies here and there with a mate or the misses, but the idea to chill in the comfort of my own home, in the warm, with my own music doing my own thing is far, far more appealing
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    Not drunk much for ages. Half a bottle of wine lastnight and I was away! woooo!

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    You are SO posh.

    Or alcoholic. It's a fine line apparently.


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