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Thread: VVVVVV (PC/Mac)

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    VVVVVV (PC/Mac)

    VVVVVV is a clever little platform game that sucked me in as soon as I saw its retro Jet Set Willy style graphics and heard it's SID-chip tunage which warbled in the background.

    The best way to describe the game would be to say it has the exploration of Jet Set Willy and say, Metroid, and the platforming functionality of Portal, but in 8-bit.

    The map

    Platform antics (each room has a name just like Willy's mansion used to have!)

    Basically, your spaceship has crashed and things have gone a bit mental. 5 of your crew are missing, leaving you to explore the world in order to rescue them from each sector of puzzle platforming levels. There are also 20 collectibles called Trinkets scattered about the world for you to find. Each one of these Trinkets will have a more challenging room (see above - Trinket is purple pill-like thing in top left) for you to wrestle with before you can store it on your ship (the main hub) like a trophy.

    The game is tricky, clever and sometimes frustrating. However, it has that "Just one more go" ingredient oozing from it.

    Luckily, there are lots of checkpoints scattered throughout the world. In the main platforming levels, they're almost on every screen (again, see above pic - see the grey objects with the 'C's on them?). Also, you have unlimited lives.

    There is a 'Stats' page in the pause menu giving you skill measuring information like 'Trinkets Found', 'Number of Deaths' and 'Time Taken'.

    It's a perfect game to chill out to on your laptop.

    The whole game is availabe to download for about £10 from

    The game is crying out for a DS/PSP version. Hope that happens.

    You can sample some of the main puzzle platform level bits in the online Flash demo here. The full game has an installation precedure, has some options, time trials, music to unlock and weighs in at a hefty 34MB.

    EDGE have given it an 8. Review here.

    Last edited by hudson; 16-01-2010 at 10:57 PM.

  2. #2
    Played the demo of this and I'd agree, it's very good. I'd love an XBLA/XBLIG version

  3. #3
    It would make sense to have some all format action with this. I hope the guy's pushing for it.

    I'm currently playing through via my PC using my 360 controller. I'm loving it. Can't get the music out of my head.

    So far, I have 4 of the 6 V's (crew). There's a few Trinkets I've tried to get which I had to give up on for the time being

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    I had a quick play on the demo of this, and it seems like my kinda thing. It's great fun, and has chiptune music to boot.

    Normally, ~£9 would be a bit steep for something like this, but I might treat myself when my exams are over in a week.

  5. #5
    How bloody awesome is this.
    The music is brilliant and I'm loving the game generally and all the exploration aspects.
    I feel ashamed I left it this long to buy it.

  6. #6
    I loved the demo of this when it first appeared. Is it in the steam sale?

  7. #7
    It was in the Indie Clever Pack yesterday alongside 4 other games for ?3.99
    (Doc Clock, Eufloria, Iron Grip, VVVVVV, World of Goo) there is an indie pack every day as part of the daily sales going on right now.
    Current pack is Indie Puzzle Pack (Cogs, Droplitz, Puzzle Dimension, Shatter, Tidalis) for ?3.49, worth it for Shatter alone.

  8. #8
    Just played the demo of this, awesome stuff! Possibly the coolest game I've played with its retro chic. I do worry it might either get a bit too hard or be over too quickly, completing the demo wasn't easy, that's for sure, the difficulty is a little off putting in terms of how much harder the rest of the game might be.

    But I'd recommend playing the demo to anyone. Shame I missed that Indie pack on sale with this, World of Goo etc, loved both the demo's and will buy them at some point, definitely.

  9. #9
    If the demo is that first section before finding the first crew member, then yes, the rest of the game after that point becomes insanely hard It has a seriously cool soundtrack though.

  10. #10
    I think I found the first 2 crew members. Does that I mean I played a third of the game (6 crew members)?


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