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    Who? Hu? It is I, that's who!

    Plus Linda Miller is quite tasty

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    I love that sequence in the bottom photo where they launch Mechanikong from the base.

    Reminds me of the great bit in Terror of Mechagodzilla where they're talking in front of all the repairs going on in the background on Mechagodzilla.

    I've trawled for suitable pics and failed, sorry!
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    Ok i'm here

    So yeah got into Godzilla myself with Channel 4's "Creature Feature" which ran iirc Invasion of the Astro Monster all the way up to Terror of Mecha Godzilla, so the camp, cheesey Godzilla is what i was bought up on.....

    and then later on in the 90's around 95 - 96 was it Manga Released Godzilla vs King Ghidorah and Vs Mothra and i was like where the hell did these come from, they look modern and cool.....Well M11 in GvsKG isnt cool....HES ****ING INSANELY COOL lol

    So coming to 2000 - 2001 i see on amazon in the US VHS's of Destroyah, Biollante, Space Godzilla so i order them up ( at the time i had just had a put of money left me ) and get myself a VHS player that plays NTSC....and thats it the sickness started.

    Now i own every Godzilla movie on DVD, mainly so i can watch them in Japanese now ( although i can still watch the dubs of the ones i watched as a kid lol ) plus other Toho classics like Atragon, Space Ameoba, Baragon, the Mothra Trilogy etc and of course all of the Gamera movies, and if you have seen my
    Collection i moved into Toys and Statues.

    So my top 5 Godzilla. I'm gonna split this down because i dont think you can compare the 60/70's ones to the newer ones as they offer such different tones...

    So Old Skool Showa top 5!

    5.Son of Godzilla

    I know its so stupid but i love little Minilla and the scenes of him training are so good, its the best sort of cheese.

    4.Godzilla vs Ebirah

    I think this one is all nostalgia, again its pretty bad, but seeing G fight the worst Vulture puppet EVER made is a pure joy. Also gets extra points for G ripping off Ebirah's claw and open and closing it lol

    3. Godzilla vs Megalon

    I know alot of fans dont like this, it is a pretty terrible movie but there hasnt been a day where i haven't shouted out loud megalon, MEGALON MEEGALON!!! Also i love Megalons Design, Jet Jaguar is both amazing and terrible all in the same space, Gigans in it ffs!! It is a classic, i might even argue its one of the greatest comedies ever made lol

    2. Destroy all Monsters

    Godzilla, Minilla, Gorosaurus, Kumonga, Anguirus, Baragon, Varan, Mothra, Rodan and Manda. Then throw in King Ghidorah. I love this film in everyway, its the purest form of Godzilla imo, The Aliens, The monsters, the story line....all perfect. It should be first but...

    1. Godzilla Vs Gigan

    Gigan. My fave Kaiju ever just such a fantastic design, i love how hes fierce yet cowardly, if this film had anyone else in it wouldnt be my number one. as for the rest of the movie, its a joy it really is, i actually like the plot....Giant Beetle men building a fun park to take over the thats a ****ing plot!

    I like the fact the fat guy makes a guy faint with a corn on the cob, i like th fact they put a stupid drawing up in the lift and to then top it all off with Godzilla & Anguirus vs Gigan and Ghidorah....oh man and then throw in more BLOOD than you ever seen in a Godzilla movie lol its just so good!! Also godzilla and Anguirus have a chat lol.

    So now Heisei and Millenium 89 - 2004 top 5 ( ok 6)!

    6. G vs Biollante

    Not the most action packed movie but i think this one out of all the Heisei Series had the perfect Godzilla Suit before he went waaay too bulky, also i think Biollante is just so well designed and a fresh twist on the creation of a monster then add to that some very impressive wide shots of Godzilla fighting Biollante ( she just looks so HUGE!! ) and you have a nice serious, atmospheric addition to the series.

    5. G vs Megaguirus

    I loved the G2K suit, it was a fantastic suit imo but the Movie was terrible, where as this i really liked, it had a bit of an "Alien" vibe to it and the special effects were getting better and better..

    4. G VS King Ghidorah

    M11. Need i say more? Probably the greatest android in anything ever! Mecha King Ghidorah was pretty cool too

    3. G Vs Destoryah

    This had to be in there, again a bt of an "Alien" vibe to it, but it all comes down to that final scene and the credit roll, you can't call yourself a Godzilla fan if you dont get shivers when you see that.

    2. Tokyo SOS

    It was just really really enjoyable and a lot better than G vs Mechagodzilla before it, plenty of action, everything looks great.....its just a great movie Godzilla or not.

    1. GMK

    Now when i read that the Director who did the 90's Gamera Trilogy was doing the next Godzilla film i was over joyed and boy did he deliver. This movie is nigh on Godzilla perfection, i just love the fact that Godzilla is a Menace and that Ghidorah is the Hero this time, couple that with a fantastic pace and amazing special effects and you have my fave ( Seirous ) Godzilla movie hands down. If you havent seen this BUY IT NOW!

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    Woah i wrote a lot lol

    If anyone reads it all, i mention the 90's Gamera Trilogy i URGE any Kaiju fan to pick these up, Legion and Iris are 2 of THE best Monster movies you will ever see and i cannot recommend them enough.

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    Some good write ups there Neo. I got into them staying up late watching the c4 creature feature too. I see you missed off the smog monster I reckon that is in a genre all of it's own. Also I love the way Manda on the old flicks goes HHSSTTTT!


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    Awesome stuff!

    I can't believe you watched the same stuff as me growing up!

    I used to talk to a kid on the bus to school about Vic Reeves' Big Night Out and he asked if I watched some of the crazy Godzilla films afterwards and I should check 'em out.

    I think the first one I saw (and still have on video!) was Godzilla Vs. Megalon and so it's one of, if not the favourite Big G film for me.
    I've seen it so many times I can even remember the voice-over lady before it:
    "...and now on 4, a lesson to us all about what happens when you set off nuclear devices where you shouldn't"

    I'd definitely go to Monster Land if there was a Godzilla tower there. How aces is it when he sees the tower for the first time and can't believe what he's seeing so bangs his head?

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    New Godzilla film coming out!

    I'll put money on it that it'll be in 3D...

    EDIT: I'd have won that money!
    Some inspiring news out of the 3DNext Summit in Culver City this past Monday as The Wrap is reporting that Godzilla 3D producer Brian Rogers stepped up and made the following statement: " 'Clash of the Titans' is important here...because it made the industry realize that you cannot do substandard 3D and charge full pricing." He also noted how well Clash did at the box office, but it's nice to know that some people are more focused on providing a quality product. A+! Being produced by Legendary Pictures, the big green monster is still quite a ways a way from arriving in theaters as a writer hasn't even been hired. By the time this gets off the ground 3-D will either be dead or (hopefully) completely awesome.

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    OMG! i have watched nearly none of these!

    When i was in china i bought what i thought was the new one, but no, it was some bulls**t rip off called "The return of Gary".....

    i have my work cut out for me !

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    You watch them words! We like Yonggary round these parts.

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    enlighten me.

    whatever it was that i watched had shades of The story of Ricky.


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