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    Godzilla, kaiju and tokusatsu movies!


    There's been a few mentions of Godzilla films, but no dedicated thread since Godzilla Final Wars came out a few years back, so I thought I'd rectify that!

    Judging by rmoxon's avatar and some of Prinny's movie night updates, I'm guessing I'm not the only person who'd rather watch a man in a rubber suit trampling on a scale model of Tokyo than some cgi cheating.

    Thought I'd make a place for you to list your top 3 or 5 films/shows and discuss which films you like and why.

    I got into them when I was at school and a kid in the year above said to check out the crazy films on Channel 4 after Vic Reeves' Big Night Out. This was their "Creature Feature" season, back when Channel 4 used to show cult stuff like Jackie Chan films and not Big Brother ad nauseum.

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling:

    1. Godzilla Vs. Megalon.
    This is the first Godzilla film I saw and it got me hooked. It's regarded as one of the worst Godzilla films, but I love it! It's got a crazy 70's J-Funk soundtrack, an inventor, giant monster tag-team fighting and the amazing Jet Jaguar. I really liked the story too.

    2. Terror of Mechagodzilla
    It starts with a re-cap of Godzilla's first encounter with his mecha counterpart and soon turns into pure melodrama as shamed scientist, Shinz? Mafune is forced to control Titanosaurus by a mysterious organisation keeping his daughter alive. What's not to love about a battle with a robot Godzilla?

    3. Godzilla Vs. Gigan
    Espionage, Godzilla Tower, monsters talking, hold-ups with sweetcorn and escape plans while giant monsters battle in the background.

    I only saw the original Godzilla when it was recently re-released and I saw it at the IMAX! It was an amzing night and the film is a lot darker than some of the later films.

    So... any other fans on here?

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    Ah, the thread of kings (Ghidorah, probably. Or maybe Caesar).

    Of the kaiju films I've seen so far, I'd have to say these are my favourites -

    (In no order)

    Godzilla vs Monster Zero
    One of the first Godzillas I saw, this has a good balance of action and story. The aliens are hilarious, but it's quite a lavish production really. The Highland Fling bit is ... forgivably entertaining. Always been a fan of King Ghidorah and the mad noises he makes.

    Giant Monsters All Out Attack
    I watched this with the missus and she actually enjoyed it! Baragon is 'cute' apparently. It was nice to see Godzilla as the bad guy for a change, and the effects were pretty good for such a traditional mash-up.

    Frankenstein Conquers the World

    A massive surprise this one, it had me gripped throughout. The gradual scaling up of effects as the monster gets bigger and bigger is fantastic, and at last the version out there on dvd includes the climatic battle against the octopus. Good performances throughout, and a totally different effort to the norm.

    There's loads of others I really like; Destroy All Monsters, Gamera the Invincible, King Kong Escapes and Godzilla 2000 are just a few.

    There's also the shelf full of dvds yet to be watched that I've tracked down over the years - Mothra, War of the Gargantuas, Yongary, The X From Outer Space, Gorath, Daimajin Trilogy, Pulgasari, 1990s Gameras, and Gappa.

    I have a soft spot for Western monster movies too - Them! and Gorgo are particular faves, and I'd like to track down stuff like Roger Corman's Attack of the Crab Monsters.

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    I'm really curious about Pulgasari because its background story is so surreal.

    North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il (he's so ronery), kidnapped South Korean director Shin Sang-ok and his actress wife, Choi Eun-hee, because he's a big film fan and wanted to start the North Korean movie industry.

    Judging by the clips I've seen online, I can see why he's not cleaned up at the Oscars!

    I might check out some of the later Gamera flicks as they look pretty sweet.

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    I love the earliest Gamera films. The US version of Gammera the Invincible is a really nice watch - loads of grainy black and white footage of mock interviews with experts and meetings in the UN (I think) spliced into the original film. Then filming style itself is quite downbeat and underplayed, and the whole thing has this wonderful grittiness about it, in stark contrast to the kiddie-comedy antics of early 70s Gamera fims. There's some tremendous effects work in those later 90s Gameras, I haven't watched the whole films, just bits and bobs.

    I got Pulgasari off yesasia and haven't watched it yet, but the noise the big monster makes when it fires a bolt from its mouth just cracked me up. Bwweeepppp!

    The Daimajin films have tremendous effects, btw, and have a really unique setting for that stye of film.

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    Check this out! Especially the youtube clip at the bottom of the page.

    G Trailer 1

    G Trailer 2

    And I've no idea if this got released on dvd: I think it's a short film:

    Guilala - X Strikes Back!
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    check out cinemassacres guide to godzilla movies on youtube

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    Superb. I loved their guide to Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters too.

    The Giant Claw! "As big as a battleship!"

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    Just looking at my list of stuff still to get from Toho and other companies in the kaiju, tokusatsu and space genres:

    The Mysterians 1957
    Varan The Unbelievable 1958
    Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People) 1962
    Atragon 1964
    Dogora 1964
    The Green Slime 1968
    Yog: The Monster From Space (Space Ameoba) 1970
    War in Space 1977
    Battle in Outer Space 1959
    The H-Man 1958
    Latitude Zero 1969
    Sayonara Jupiter 1984

    Warning From Space 1956
    Gamera vs Gaos 1967
    Gamera vs Guiron (Attack of the Monsters) 1969
    Gamera vs Jiger (Gamera vs Monster X) 1970
    Gamera vs Zigra 1971

    Terror Beneath the Sea 1966
    The Magic Serpent 1966

    Monster Wangmagwi 1967 (apparently impossible to find, locked away in Korea somewhere)

    The Last Dinosaur 1977

    So annoying that so much of this stuff is tough to get, or Region 1 only.

    Has anyone read Godzilla On My Mind by William TsuTsui? That's a good read, if somewhat critical of some films, but you can tell he loves the genre.

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    Watched King Kong Escapes again. Wow, the model work is really good! The sequence where that little craft travels across the water to the island was spot on. I miss modelwork in films

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    I love the fact the bad guy is called Doctor Who. I expected him to spend the whole film saying "NO! Not that Doctor Who, infidel!"

    Mechanikong is awesome.

    May have to switch my avatar back from my current Golden Harvest themed one!


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