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Thread: Jamie

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    Another great transaction with Jamie. mvs converter was sent fast & well packaged and comms were spot on as ever.

    Thanks again Jamie

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    Quick payment for a SNES controller. Thanks

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    the man sold me a Fami Disk System, which is unbelievably minty fresh! Quick Delivery!!

    Thanks dude!

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    Bought an XRGB2 from Jamie, spot on as previous trades. Cheers!

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    Just bought an N64 game from Jamie and everything was spot on as usual.

    The game was packaged in a plastic outer case, then 2 layers of bubble wrap, then a load of news paper, then a big sturdy box. So no surprise it arrived in perfect nick.

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    Jamie answered my call for some MD Wonder Boy games

    Arrived quickly and well packaged in great condition. Perfect!

    Cheers mate.

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    More MD games from Jamie

    Everything in great condition again.

    Thanks again mate!
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    Bought and traded some games from Jamie, all spot on. Thanks again.

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    Bought an N64 and 2 games from Jamie. Thoroughly decent bloke with a stunning gaming collection. Item as described and sold for a fair price. Would happily buy from again.



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    Jay did the great kindness of lending me FFVII when I discovered mine was knackered. He didn't even ask for the postage cost! What a top bloke


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