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Thread: Jamie

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    Jamie answered my wants thread with a cracking bundle consisting of a SFC Wii Controller and a selection of 3DS games. Everything arrived looking like new, all bubble-wrapped in a nice sturdy box.

    Fantastic trader. One of the forum's finest.

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    Bought a PS1 game and 3 PS2 games from this dude and all went perfectly

    Happy with my goodies

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    Bought some PSX games from Jamie. Good communication, sorted me out with some cracking games, much appreciated.

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    Jamie picked up a Neo memory card from me, you all know the deal, zero issues. Thanks mate.

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    So many deals with Jamie now, you'd think I'd have the brains to just keep his postal address on file somewhere.

    Bunch of PCE games this time, you don't need me to tell you it was all good but I will anyway, as ever.

    Thanks again mate.

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    Bought an Amiga 600 off Jamie. All good, top chap.

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    Once again, another top transaction with Jamie. A real pleasure :-)

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    Bought Snatcher off Jamie and it arrived in fantastic condition. Couldn’t be happier, thanks again.


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