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    When posting please think about spoilers. That would include not mentioning certain areas and features. I know some people (like myself) have kept away from news and previews. Thanks.

    Just played through the opening and boy is it good to be back in Rapture. Granted the opening is not as good as the original game but it's still pretty damn good. I thought it would feel "weird" playing as

    a Big Daddy

    but it doesn't at all. Awesome. Can't wait to play some more.
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    It does sort of tell you what to do after you didn't do it, which annoyed me a little. Hacking something different brought up the same thorny issue, after which I had learned my lesson.

    Thought by mentioning it someone might have been saved some aggravation.

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    Question for those who are playing this; please answer, spolier free !. I gave up on Bioshock 1 because for it become more a game of sovliing stupid puzzles to unlock weapon upgrades. When it reached "not another f***in puzzle", I sold it.

    if this is same I will skip it, please advise!

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    Seems the same to me so far Jim. I've played about an hour or so, and it's a lot like Bioshock 1 in respect to how the plasmids/tonics/weapons etc... work.

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    Understandably, perhaps, I haven't found it as immediately intriguing as the original game.

    I have to say, though, that there was a bit in the opening movie that I found amusing and touching at the same time (it involves your reflection).

    I get the feeling that because this is a return to Rapture (for the player at least) there'll be loads of little nods, winks and hints ahead. Looking forward to playing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisField View Post
    I miss the Circus of Value voice
    Me too, i can hear the words already in my head, looking forward to tomorrow to returning to Rapture.

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    I have to say the multiplayer is surprising rather good. I had my doubts when I heard it was developed by a separate team.

    I received it today played about 1 hours in single player and spend the rest of the evening playing multiplayer. Single player experience seems pretty much the same as the first game. So did knew was to expect, more of the same, so very happy they added online play.

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    I am enjoying being back in rapture, there always seems to be plenty of scripted events to watch, or items to pick up such as audio diary's or enemies to kill. So far enjoying all of the single player and what it has to offer. Glimpsing into the inner workings of Rapture again.

    Loaded up the multiplayer and although it was more polished and well thought out I had to wait ages for a game (which isn't a suprise really I guess) but then was treated to a laggy glitch filled game. Not really impressed if that is what I can expect.

    I wasn't really bothered anyway I hoped for the best of course, its a story driven FPS with almost RPG elements its a bit daft doing MP. As I said in the past they should release a game in a similar art style which is MP only not a half arsed MP game within the Bioshock universe.

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    Hmm. Initial "delight" is starting to wear away now and, it pains me to say it, this isn't that great. It is forever going to live in the shadow of the original game.

    My biggest gripe is the near constant re-spawning enemies, every 30 seconds or so and you don't get a proper chance to explore the wonderful world of Rapture. The great thing about the first game was that it struck a nice balance between action and exploration, that's not the case here at all.

    The gameplay pendulum has swung dramatically to the action side of things and not in a good way, unfortunately. It seems like the developers thought it was a great idea to up the action levels by 10 just because you play as a Big Daddy now. It doesn't work, it just becomes immensely frustrating especially as you progress further into the game.

    It is not a poor game by any means because there are aspects from the original that still hold up in this sequel. The story/narrative, the world of Rapture and the stylish visuals are all still intact. Gameplay is decent enough but doesn't really compare to the original.

    I had a feeling this wouldn't be better than the original but I never thought they would mess up the wonderfully balanced gameplay. Hmm, will still try and finish it but in all honestly, apart from the opening section, I'm not really enjoying it that much right now.
    Last edited by ezee ryder; 16-05-2010 at 12:43 PM.


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