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    What's the low level community like on this nowadays?

    I used to play this when it very first came out and I loved it, but unfortunately stopped playing...

    What with the Level Sync thing I keep hearing about, I want to get back into it. Would it be easy enough to get with people if I were to start from scratch and make a little newbie level 1 white mage?

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    It's not much better to be honest.

    In fact, all level sync has opened up is allowing people to "Astral Burn" there way to level 75 much easier. People who exploit this can get characters from 20>75 in days (if that).

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    You could just start a Beastmaster until you make friends? It's probably the best job in terms of both exploration and learning about the world/mobs.

    I'd love to play again and just mindlessly cane up to Lv.75 (caring less about elite gear this time) in time for the expansions, but in reality it's not an option.
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    I think my housemate might be starting this again this weekend so I will be back on it from time to time showing him the 1-30 basics, making gilz, macros, LFG, etc. I'll be surprised if he gets over level 30 to be honest.


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