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    Really enjoyed that! Thanks for the little Travelog!

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    This would have probably been more useful to post before your trip, sorry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    This would have probably been more useful to post before your trip, sorry!
    Some of those places look well seedy, haven't been to Aki in about twenty years and it has certainly changed. I just go to our local Geo, it has a good selection of retro stuff even though I don't buy much it's nice to have a nosey.
    Daughter says she is buying a Switch this year and I'll get EDF 5.

    Food is great though apart from oden, okonomiyaki and takoyaki - sorry! First two have no taste and I don't do seafood for the third.
    Much prefer tonkatsu or yakiniku but really look forward to some lovely cold somen at dinner after a hard morning doing the rice harvest, really refreshing.
    First thing I always buy on arrival at KIX though is a couple of bottles of Ito-En for the bus home. Absolutely love the stuff, even the stronger version.
    I'm there in about a month, can't wait.

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    I can't vouch for that site, it's just nice to see a selection of opinions.

    I used this book a lot when I went, but it's hideously out-of-date now. It's still a fun read though:

    A lot of this is in the Visiting Japan thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadat View Post
    Resurrection! In Japan for a fortnight, and a little out of touch with current gen imports. Any recommendations for contemporary Jap only purchases whilst out here? I have pretty much every console, though I use my (region free) Switch the most; was thinking of getting a Jap 3DS too to help with options. Have plenty of space for random accessories or controllers. Will make do with a suitcase full of retro otherwise. Thanks!
    Glad you enjoyed the trip not sure if any of the below helps now Lol. You took some nice pics.

    Below info seems you may have done it the way o suggested below anyway.

    Book offs/Hard Off are a good shout for stuff, try Shibiya/Shinjuku etc. Like others have said Akiba not the same as it used to be, the big black building (not sure of name) has some cool sealed stuff at the top. Super Potato although over priced sometimes ainít bad. This is from a year or two ago. Usually countryside areas have plenty of games so if you are ever in others parts of Japan they may have some crazy cheap stuff. Buy Nintendo points as Kryss said and get some games from the Japanese Switch store/Cartridge stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JU! View Post
    Usually countryside areas have plenty of games so if you are ever in others parts of Japan they may have some crazy cheap stuff.
    This is us JU!, not sure on prices though I remember a Toaplan Shooting Battle on PS being a bit expensive but yes for a small shop the retro range for every platform they had was bigger than the current Xbox range at the time - though of course the MS consoles aren't that popular in comparison.

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    When I was in countryside recently got some cheap PSOne stuff but the GameCube stuff was still sort of expensive for the most part. Biohazard 3 GC was •2000 I think. Yr right though sometimes choice ainít massive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    It sounds like you've got Akihabara as a place to visit already. Try to get across to Nakano (about 2-3 stops Northwest of Shinjuku station if that helps). Its similar to Akihabara but cheaper as its not as tourist-oriented. I like that it has an old mall feel to it and its great to check out if you like somewhere that has an old town feel about it.
    I'm gonna try this tomorrow, I've been picking PSP games up while I'm here but had no luck finding a system for some reason. The bloke in Super Potato even seemed offended when I asked him!

    I did see one or two systems marked as junk but didn't want to try my luck.

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    Someone on my Twitter feed grabbed a Spice Orange GameCube marked as junk for 50 yen, not a thing wrong with it aside from a little grime.

    Can't imagine Japan being too good for deals these days but I don't question how thrilling being surrounded by so much amazing software must be.


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