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  1. #21
    I liked this - I found the game slightly dragged after the

    3rd Echelon

    level. Still it was fun and I definately enjoyed it more then the others (I really couldnt get on with them).

    Graphics arent bad per-se. There just not what weve come to expect from the likes of Uncharted and God of War, although thats probably an unfair comparison.

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    I found it rental fodder and will be trading it in next week. Played it on realistic and it pushed 5hours tops even with a few reloads was way too easy. Only did couple of hours Thursday and 3hours Friday night and it was done. Credits took about 10mins with rtrigger held down making it go faster! I knew it was short and if Id enjoyed it would have been fine but for me it just didnt give anything Ive not seen on countless other 3rd person games what do it better for action and aiming. I saw one review compare it to Batman but that wasnt as clunky as this.

    I found the deadzone bad for headshots when sneaking and picking them off it just wasnt very precise and it became a more of a gunfest by the last few chapters. Graphics GOW1 quality but it looked dated early on. ALso didnt get the feeling of it being Splinter Cell hiding all the time and picking people off or even taking one out quietly then using the Y on the rest and tagging them. It wasnt that easy to do on realistic to how clunky the mechanism was for hiding and taking them out from cover sometimes it just wouldnt have it that they where in reach so would reload and then it would, was very weird. Also seemed to be very random if another guy spotted you when you did a headshot to his m8 out of his visual sight when their was no way he could see muzzle (using silenced). In end I gave up trying as it was too clunky.

    In the end I just gave up trying to be stealthy (played first half like that taking out all lights etc...) as that wasnt what the game wanted it wanted all out nade spam fest and shooting like mad so thats what I did. Was so easy to do as you just go back and rearm chuck aload of nades in followed by mines even right near end and keep repeating. Never ran out of anything. Cameras they would fall for the noise everytime and bye bye but they ended up being a last resort after Id used everything else up, so much quicker to EMP em and then machine gun the room down in 5seconds.

    Please bring back the proper Splinter Cell as I dont want a badly made Gears Of War in the dark.

    Also had a couple of lockups and few weird clipping bugs (blokes flying in the air up and down when their dead on the ground) and one section that the AI completetly broke with cameras but saying that the AI was thick anyway and would get stuck on areas behind doors or just pile out over and over or even worse Id run back to a room further down and they wouldnt follow would just stand in the doorway.

    Disapointment of the year so far for me 6/10
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    This is still Unreal Engine 2.5 isn't it?

    I still hope for this game to release on Ps3 though. I've played all earlier Splinter Cell games, the series has ups (Original, CT) and downs (PT, DA).

    From what I gather, Conviction enters noob mode. Its streamlined like FFXIII was earlier.

    I have to say that the first SC was indeed really challenging, especially compared to the games from today. Hiding bodies and destroying lights was really needed to advance, and it was fun to do secondary objectives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saturn-gamer View Post
    This is still Unreal Engine 2.5 isn't it?
    Yeah tis the LEAD engine which is the souped up a bit more version of the Unreal 2.5 Engine that Chaos Theory Used.

    I am ALIVE is using it too, which is funny as it's coming out for PS3 and some Ubisoft devs originally were quoted as saying Conviction couldn't be done on pS3

  6. #26
    Yeah, Ubisoft said that over 3 years ago. I remember it, owning a 360 at the time. I also liked the Hobo version from back then, sounded a bit like a modern age Assassins Creed.. social stealth and all.

    But its completely bs by Ubisoft. Conviction would be average performing for Ps3 standards. And Ps3 also came to terms with UE3, judging from Arkham Asylum and others. Ubi also said Creed wasn't possible on 360, way back then.

    I'm kind of certain this will appear, probably after some sort of timed period such as the GTA Episodes.

  7. #27
    Probably not that long a timed period, either. I doubt MS are as proud of this as GTA.

    One slip and fail isn't for me, though. I can take one slip and you're screwed/have to run for your life, a la Thief, but I went back and tried the first Splinter Cell a few years ago and it's just basically masochism to my mind. Arma or similar military sims, maybe the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games with the addons, I can take or at least accept that kind of difficulty - there's a clear set of rules which follow an easy, logical pattern and still allow for a great deal of freedom. SC is just like an elaborate stage play where you have to do things just so or you're not going anywhere. I mess something up, I think 'Yeah, but...' every time; there's always something where I feel if the game only permitted you to do this, that or the other I wouldn't have failed. I'm sure there'll be any number of people ready to say lern2play, or 'No, it's not like that at all'... but I'm happy games have moved on.

    On the other hand, I sort of liked Double Agent, but it wasn't great, and I liked the original design for Conviction far more than anything I'm hearing about the finished game. So I do sympathise to a degree, even if I think you're all nuts.

  8. #28
    Nah 1 was masochistic, too big on trial and error. But it was also very tense.

    CT left room for screwups during most missions, you could rambo. I did however feel that the AI took a hit in that game.

    DA had some good parts, such as Shanghai. But the best levels were short and the longest were... JBA. And those sucked balls. Endgame on the ship was cool though.

  9. #29
    Im liking this so far, multiplayer has a massive amount of content in there that you dont realise till you start playing. I have only done the 1st level on single player then i spent most of the day playing through realistic co-op and then on to the hunter games. Ive hardly scratched the surface.

    Cant wait to get stuck into this more later, maybe at some point ill get round to the single player

  10. #30
    The more I play this, the more I like it. On my second playthrough now, on realistic and just playing the game and ignoring the story I'm really loving it. Haven't even touched the co-op yet, can't wait to do it though!

    The last 360 Splinter Cell was excellent, but besides that I've never found a Splinter Cell as much fun, as engaging and as welcoming as this one. Accessability issues don't bother me, I'm glad it's easier to play.
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