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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    Welcome to Bordersdown's message board.

    Please note that in order to prevent inappropriate account creation, it is required that you activate your member account with Bordersdown via email.

    You must click the link in the activation email before you can use the forums.

    If you do not receive this e-mail or have a problem please contact

    This is a public message board, and whilst both moderators and administrators will do their best to ensure objectional material is not posted within the confines of the forum it is an impossible task to review every message that gets posted. The messages posted are the views of the author of the post, and Bordersdown will not be held responsible for the content of any message displayed here. Please contact the moderators or administrators in any instance of seeing a message you feel is inappropriate.

    Rules have been put in place to make the forum as enjoyable for its members as possible, and we would politely ask that you spend a few moments familiarising yourself with them. Thank you.

    - Show courtesy and consideration to others at all times. Everyone has different opinions and we all should respect that. The forum would be a boring place to be if we all thought the same!

    - Deliberately inciting flame wars for attention, aka Trolling, is obviously not allowed. If you see a thread that is designed to wind people up then please don't reply to it but inform a moderator or administrator of its existence instead.

    -Deliberate circumvention of the swear filter will be treated with appropriate measures, it is there for a reason.

    - Pornography, whether direct images or links to pornographic images, is not allowed. Any pornographic images/links posted in the gaming forums will result in an immediate temporary ban, whilst any pornographic images/links in the off-topic forum will be removed, and the poster warned about inappropriate behaviour. If a forum member continues to break the pornography ban then their account will be temporarily suspended.

    - Spam/Bumping messages - Banter is fine, but deliberately spamming the board with irrelevant one word replies for example is not permitted, nor is bumping topics with the purpose of sending them to the top of the forum list. It's disrespectful to those who put effort into their posts.

    - Advertising is not allowed on this forum without express consent from the owners. This includes retail outlets and commercial/non-commercial websites.

    - Do not use your own affiliate links. When linking to play-asia, please add "&main=Bordersdown" at the end of the link (after the .html)

    - Because of the potential problems which can arise, the sharing of PSN log in details for members to swap games etc is not allowed. This is not a recent decision and is one that has been in place since the PS3 was released. Anyone found requesting, swapping or trading their (or anyone else's) network details will leave us little option to remove their access to the forums.

    - Do not provide links to Iso's, Roms or any other such "warez" . Do not advertise iso's,roms or any other such "warez" for sale in the trade forum. Failure to follow these simple rules will result in a ban.

    -Do not post magazine scans either as attachments or as links to other sites, this is a form of copyright theft and will be treated with the same severity as posting links to "warez" downloads.

    - Do not actively seek sources for Roms, Isos or any other such "warez" via other members of the forum or Bordersdown itself, we will neither accept nor tolerate any attempts to ask for or provide information which results in the theft of someone else's intellectual property, and such actions will result in an immediate ban.

    - Similarly, any members found providing information which could be used in any illegal capacity are subject to an immediate ban. If you are unsure, please ask a mod before you post.

    - Please do not register for more than one account on this board. This is monitored, and unless there is good reason, we will remove the subsequent alias.

    Please try to post the right topic in the right forum -

    Headlines is the place to post news items, screenshots and general information related to import (ie NTSC) games.

    Videogame Q&A is the place to post your questions regarding importing, retailers, translations, compatibility and anything else of a technical nature.

    General Gaming is the place to post topics that are designed to incite debate and discussion, like "top 10 fighting games?" for example.

    First Play is the place to post topics once you have sampled a game and want to share your impressions of it

    That's it really, relax and have fun. All of our members are friendly and helpful people and get along 99% of the time without any problems. If you feel aggrieved about something however, or would like your matter to be raised to the administrators, then Private Message Charlesr or one of the mods and we will do our best to resolve it for you. Under no circumstances should you retaliate publicly on the forums.

    New Users should also read this thread regarding selling anything on the forums.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our forum rules.

    Bordersdown team.
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    Bump reminder:
    -Deliberate circumvention of the swear filter will be treated with appropriate measures, it is there for a reason.

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    Swear filter reminder:

    1. Don't swear; you're smarter than that.
    2. If you really must swear then just swear and be done with it and our swear filter will mask out any and all banned swear words.

    If you follow 1 and or 2 above you'll be fine

    3. Do NOT try to censor yourself e.g. by replacing a letter with a number. This is known as "circumventing the swear filter" and you'll end up getting a stern telling off, or even a ban.

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    Read the two posts above please that make a point of reinforcing the rule regarding swear filter circumvention, if you're guilty of it on the board (and it's happening an awful lot lately by some members) don't be surprised if you find yourself temp banned. Fair warning!

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    Yeah, I'd like to echo that. It's just lazy. Be more eloquent please people.


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