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    If it protected my hardware then I'd pay ?60 a year. I used to pay ?5 a month for continuous play and that saved my arse twice.

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    I won't be paying for it, don't play online enough to warrant it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoolak View Post
    Comes in very handy when playing in a clan of friends.
    only if it supports party chat and not just one on one chat.

    Sony were always going to end up in a predicament like this which would piss someone off.

    They clearly don't want to charge to play online because it would be against everything they have ever said and they could even put themselves in trouble if they have advertised certain features as free (60GB Ps3 owners are winning cases for the other OS being removed now)

    If they are hell bent on getting sub money all they can do is add in features that aren't already there (although they arguably should be) and charge you to use those.

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    Do any games on Live allow for Live Party to be used whilst playing online FPS', for example?

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    I thought almost all of them did, because there was a fuss when it was disabled for MW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoolak View Post
    Do any games on Live allow for Live Party to be used whilst playing online FPS', for example?
    Most do. Some restrict party chat to certain gametypes though (Modern Warfare 2 only allows party chat in Mercenrary DM and Ground War, in the other MP modes it locks it to team chat only).

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    most do you are right! i think the only one thats doesn't as you say is MW2.

    I will be interested to see the list of features its almost worth it for the ps3 protection plan but want to see if the + services are tied to a single machine. I have one upstairs and one down and I use both all the time.

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    Hopefully it will be a feature supported by Socom via a future game patch.

    It is probably seen as cheating though and I can see why. Most games don't allow you to talk to your 'dead' team mates whilst still roaming about alive in a match (and vice-versa). Me and my mates use Live Party whilst playing Socom on PS3 and it helps massively. Cheating scum, I know
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    We use the 'pretend to kick team mate if you see enemy approaching him from behind' strategy in socom


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