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    Playstation Plus

    I think this is going to warrant its own thread soon enough (I thought we had one, but couldn't find it in a search), so I thought I'd start one up in readiness.


    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew House
    Will PlayStation Network become a paying service? (tako2008, natdark)
    I can assure you that the current PSN as you know it will remain a free service. It is something that our competitors don?t offer and something that shows our loyalty to the PlayStation Community. However, Kaz Hirai stated a few months ago that we were looking at a premium service to sit alongside the current free service and that objective has not changed. You?ll learn more about it very soon.

    Seems more and more likely that we'll see this at E3 then. Considering I expect a mixed reaction to this, I think an E3 reveal is a big mistake personally.

    And, to fuel the fire.

    Some interesting features, and a frankly ridiculous price point (But then, that's not a first for Sony!). More interestingly/controversially:

    As PSN+ subscribers, gamers will also receive protection for their consoles with the recently announced PlayStation Protection Plan, as well as exclusive access to the long-awaited cross-game voice chat. Additional features are said to be in the works following the launch of PSN+, including the previously rumored cloud-based saving system.

    Joystiq has been informed that PSN+ subscribers will also have the ability to enable an auto-patching feature, which will detect, download and install updates for recently played PS3 titles on the system.
    There is no way better patching and cross-game chat (Unless they mean party chat for PSN+, normal cross-game chat for PSN-) should be premium services.
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    It needs to cost less than a Live Gold account. That rumoured price is crazy money. When I play Socom with friends, I just use Xbox Live Party to talk to the "dead". I'll get by...

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    I think there's an argument for it costing more considering the services that are being talked about being included, but I still think $9.99 (Be interesting to hear what that would translate to in sterling...) a month is too much.

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    "cloud-based saving system"

    It's about time someone offered this. I am fed up losing saves when hardware breaks. Of course of would prefer a more user friendly backup solution to save games to USB. But I wouldn't pay 9.99 a month for it.

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    Apart from the cross game voice chat, I can't say I ever thought about the other features being needed. Auto patching? Wow.

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    If it is real then they have to be flipping mental charging for that.

    Given that PSN's original content has fallen waaaay behind in the last few months (and they still can't seem to sort out the delays between regions) then they'd be better off getting their existing house in order before trying to slap a fee on it.

    Thing is, with the size of the user base, the economics of scale mean it's an almost guaranteed source of revenue for them if they start charging, so they'll go ahead regardless.

    I know I won't be paying it.

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    I fear they will feed on weak people like me. I'll convince myself I'm missing out on something and end up paying for it. I'm such a doosh bag

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    Same here. There are some features in there that I really like the sound of. I'm just going to keep telling myself I'll be strong...

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    Nah, I can't see myself paying more than maybe 40 quid a year. Would probably not pay for xbox live anymore too (providing cross chat works well).

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    Euch voice chat.

    I get to 'enjoy' my games with added racist abuse from American 13 year olds.


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